The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : TEN OVERLOOKED TV SERIES WITH GREAT CARS The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : TEN OVERLOOKED TV SERIES WITH GREAT CARS
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You never forget the cars seen on television during your formative years, and so here are ten examples of fine machinery in now-forgotten series.

Fans of The Danedyke Mystery, Touch and Go, Accident, King Cinder, Potter’s Picture Palace or The Freewheelers will have to wait for anther blog…


10) The Day I Shot My Dad BBC 1975

Am I the only person in the UK who recalls this one-off play about a teenager who makes an amateur cine-film drama about his father’s Austin A60 Cambridge Countryman?

9) Fraud Squad ATV 1969 – 1970

A show with a “far-out” theme tune and, in terms of police vehicles, Fraud Squad has to be one of the last “Black Wolseley” crime dramas. However, Inspector Gamble favours an MGC Roadster in pursuit of wrong-doers, including Andrew Sachs and a very young Michael Gambon. And where is the MG registration 1 UWL today?

8) Lucky Feller LWT 1976

Aka “The One With David Jason in a Trojan 200 Bubble Car”. A surprisingly short-lived sitcom but the title sequence was memorable and it provides an opportunity to witness a fresh-faced, and well-spoken, pre Only Fools Jason -

7) The Strange Report ITC 1969

Somewhat of a overlooked gem in the ITC catalogue with Anthony Quayle as the Austin FX3-driving Adam Strange, a retired Home Office criminologist Adam Strange, who solves crime from his flat in Maida Vale. The episode When a Man Hates guest stars John Thaw (aged 26 but looking 40) as Inspector Jenner - and the opening sequence is positively swinging

6) The Adventurer ITC 1972

One of the most entertainingly awful TV series in the history of the United Kingdom, with Gene Barry as an overaged international man of mystery with no dress sense and worse disco dancing skills. At least there was music from John Barry - – and plenty of Luton PR fleet Vauxhall Ventora FEs.

5) Barriers Tyne Tees 1981 – 1982

The title sequence of a Mercedes-Benz “Fintail” being fired at border guards somewhere behind the Iron Curtain positively traumatised my younger self, and it is hard to believe that Barriers was intended as a children’s programme. Think of it as a form of Callan for 11-year-olds.

4) Cowboys Thames 1980-1981

Any show that a) stars Roy Kinnear and b) the world’s most down at heel Jaguar saloon (from memory it was a Mk. VIII) has to be unmissable.

3) Kinvig LWT 1981

The cast – Tony Haygarth, Pasty Rowlands, Colin Jeavons – was first rate and our eponymous hero drives a Standard Vanguard Phase 1A, so its lack of viewer success is, frankly, baffling. 

2) The Brothers BBC 1972 – 1976

A series that seemed to run for approximately several decades but if you were bored with the haulage-related drama, there were the cars: Range Rover, Ford Zodiac Executive, MGB GT V8, Reliant Scimitar GTE…

1) Target BBC 1978 - 1978

Or, the Corporation’s answer to The Sweeney - - as Patrick Mower’s Superintendent Hackett grits his teeth, flares his nostrils and fights crime throughout Southampton. The following excerpt will illustrate just why Target was so unmissable -

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