The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Why some people still adore classic cars The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Why some people still adore classic cars
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Why some people still adore classic cars

People who have never owned a classic car may wonder what all the fuss is about. They’re inconvenient, they break down, and they’re not as safe as today’s modern motors, with their high tech air bags and crumple zones.

But talk to any classic car owner and you’ll quickly realize that their passion for these antique automobiles extends way beyond the fact that they can get from A to B.

Something this precious definitely needs protecting, and that’s where classic car insurance comes in. Here at Lancaster, we have over 35 years of experience finding the right type of cover for cherished cars, even those hard-to-insure models.

When you’re ready for a quote, get in touch. But in the meantime, let’s remind ourselves what makes these beautiful, historical machines so appealing.

They’re a window to the past

Classic cars have the power to instantly transport us to another time and place. These were the cars that you dreamed about when you were young; the cars you saw movie stars drive; the cars that first ignited the petrol head within! But it’s not just car buffs that love them. These marvellous motors garner attention from engineers, historians and art lovers, too – after all, they’re works of art in their own right. Just think of the Ferrari 250 GTO; the Porsche 911; the Lamborghini Miura – we could go on and on…

They were created by man, not machine

Consider the beautiful, sweeping lines of the E-Type or the quirky look of the Frogeye Sprite. These classic shapes weren’t conceived on a computer and built in their thousands – they were drawn by hand and came to life in small numbers in the workshops of master craftsmen.

They’re a gateway to making new friends

One of the best things about being a classic car owner is the camaraderie that comes with it. There is a great community of classic car enthusiasts around the country – indeed the world – all with the common goal of preserving these incredible cars for future generations. Part of the appeal of owning a classic lies in meeting liked-minded people at classic car shows and sharing knowledge, tips and tricks. From static shows to full-on, historic rallies, there are hundreds of events that will welcome new owners with open arms. One of the most popular shows in the UK is the Goodwood Revival. Usually held around September time, you’ll be able to see all manner of classic vehicles on display and indulge in the romance and glamour of motor racing’s past – just make sure you book early and have your period fancy dress to hand!

They give you a ‘real’ driving experience

The technology used in modern-day cars might be advanced but there’s no denying that it removes us somewhat from the ‘real’ driving experience. Classic cars put you firmly in control – or not as the case may be! – enabling you to read the road through the steering wheel. It’s more of an organic, analog experience and one which classic car owners can’t get enough of.

They test your emotions

For many classic car owners, the relationship they have with their vehicles is one of love and hate. You may spend weeks, months, even years on a painstaking restoration, only for it to repay you by breaking down at the most inopportune moment. But that’s all part and parcel of being a classic car – if it was easy, it wouldn’t be as much fun!

They tell a story

Those cracks in the leather, those tiny scratches in the paint – they’re not imperfections to be fixed, rather details of your classic’s own, unique journey through time. Each of these incredible vehicles comes with its own backstory – just try to buy one with as much service history and provenance as you can, and keep a record of everything you do to it while it’s in your care. Many people refer to themselves as ‘custodians’ of classic cars, rather than ‘owners’. They see themselves as caring for an object that will hopefully outlive them and continue to bring pleasure to other enthusiasts for years to come.

They’re a great investment

If you have some disposable income and aren’t keen on stocks and shares, why not consider classic cars? Like any asset class, classic car values can go up and down but as long as you’re in it for the long term, and keep your classic in as good a condition as possible, it could prove to be a wise investment. The Historic Automobile Group (HAGI) Top Index for rare classic cars rose by 2.5% in 2018, so if you do your homework properly and get expert financial advice your classic could make you a tidy sum.

They needn’t cost the earth! 
Owning a classic is a big financial commitment – the costs of buying the car, keeping it roadworthy, storing it safely will all add up – but the best news is that you don’t have to be a millionaire to own your very own slice of motoring history. If you’re searching for your first classic purchase, look for ‘appreciating classics’ from recent years. Many models – especially MK1 Golf GTIs and Mini Coopers – have all hit rock bottom and are now making their way back up and onto the must-have lists of serious investors. Take a look at these modern-day classics that are flying up in value and bag yourself one before they get too expensive!

Protecting your classic car

Here at Lancaster, we love classic cars as much as you do and we understand what it takes to protect them for future generations.

We have links with some of the top classic car clubs around the country and some of our policies even offer discounts of up to 25% for club members.

Other benefits of classic car insurance through Lancaster can include:

• Historic rally cover

• Static show cover

• Limit mileage discounts

• Choice of repairer

• 24-hour claims helpline

Give your classic the protection it deserves and get a quote for classic car insurance today. 



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