The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Alex Cursley Review – Snetterton The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show : Alex Cursley Review – Snetterton
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Alex Cursley Review – Snetterton

The Hyundai Coupe Cup mid-season meeting was held at a sunny Snetterton, so for me it was like a home coming. It had already been a fantastic week, as I got married and celebrated my birthday, so I was going into the race meet on a high.

However, the weekend was tough one. Even though I came home with a bunch of second places, I found it frustrating!


The understeer I had at Thruxton had limited me as to what I could do, so I set the car up differently for qualifying by giving it more oversteer. I soon found out I had gone a bit too far though which resulted in a couple of spectacular spins going into the Esses. Once I’d pulled myself together I managed to secure second place on the front row, qualifying just 2/10 second behind Wayne Rockett.

Race one

As we lined up on the front row I told myself "Best get the lead early and manage the rest", which of course is easier said than done. I’ve never been one to back out of side by side racing but eventually one of us had to lose out. On this occasion, it was me as I was on the back foot going into the long back straight and then to top it off, I saw Nick Moore, who was in third place, pass me by. Nick also considers Snetterton home!

Alex eeking into the lead at the start of race one

Eeking into the lead at the start of race one.

Within a couple of laps I regained second place from Nick with a classic dummy move at the hairpin, compromising Nicks top speed along the back straight, allowing me to pass with ease. We both agreed he wouldn’t fall for that one again! On lap four the race was red flagged for an incident clean up so we lined up on the grid for part two of the race. This time I managed to keep Nick behind me and Rockett within a second for the shortened six lap sprint. Unable to take the lead and I took second place.

Race two

It was a busy start with Rockett on my front bumper and Nick Moore and Kevin Smiles either side. I was in attack mode and on turn one of lap two, I took the inside line in an attempt for the lead. Unfortunately the exit was compromised allowing Nick and Wayne past. For the next five laps Nick and I had a thrilling battle for second which I won back shortly before Nick retired with mechanical issues. At this point Wayne Rockett had built a comfortable lead so I finished second again. Still a good result but not the wins were all out for.

Alex attacking Wayne Rockett for the lead going into the esses

Attacking Wayne Rockett for the lead into the esses, credit Andrew Holmes.

The next round is this weekend (7th September) at Anglesey, North Wales. It is a fast curvy circuit with epic views and neither of us top three have ever been too.

Watch this space, pushing for wins!

Race one podium credit Marc Lawrence

Alex on the podium embracing Wayne and another competitor



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