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Red car


  • 18th March, 2024

1980 - a Sunday afternoon in a small village pub somewhere in Hampshire. For my ten-year-old self, the atmosphere can be summarised in the following words: locally branded cola, obscure forms of potato crisps, Space Invaders and stultifying, Tony Hancock-style boredom.


  • 14th March, 2024

The date is the 13th April 1964, and the venue is the Ford Pavilion at New York World’s Fair. The assembled media representatives have gathered to hear the company’s Vice President, Lee Iacocca, introduce a car that would appeal to the affluent younger driver.



  • 14th March, 2024

The 6th March was the date for the 2024 Cowley Convoy from the BMW MINI factory to Lord Nuffield’s house near Henley-on-Thames. And as my Wolseley headed through Oxfordshire to join the event, and throughout the day, the Convoy reminded me of seven ingredients for a splendid outdoor classic car show:

Blue car


  • 14th March, 2024

“I think the Montego is gaining lots of respect as a classic car. My Vanden Plas gets so much interest when we take it to classic car shows and we get many questions about her!” And rightly so, as Charlie Smith’s 1985 example is a very special machine. In his words:

Blue car


  • 14th March, 2024

Early this month BMW announced the imminent demise of the MINI Clubman after seventeen years. But their heritage dates to a far earlier time. The original Morris Mini Traveler and Austin Seven Countryman first appeared in autumn 1960 - a world when such phrases as “National Service” and “You’re Never Alone With A Strand” were part of everyday vocabulary.

Car at cinema

Meet the Owner – Dave Troughton and his Vauxhall Ventora FD

  • 6th March, 2024

There are several reasons why people acquire classic cars - performance, handling, impressing the neighbours and fine television programmes of the 1960s. Dave bought his Ventora FD for the last-named reason, and for those unfamiliar with this gem from ITC productions, here is a typical scenario from Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased):

Brown car

Hidden Gem – The Triumph 1500

  • 6th March, 2024

Some cars have the misfortune of being overshadowed by more than one member of the same family. The Triumph 1500 often seems to be unfairly neglected compared with its 1300 predecessor – the marque’s first front-wheel-drive car – and the later Dolomite. Yet, it has a distinct appeal of its own.

White car

The Car You Always Promised Yourself – The J.D Classics Ford Capri 1300L Mk. I

  • 6th March, 2024

A great deal of mythology surrounds the Capri Mk. I, including the belief that virtually every model on the road in this country was at least a 2000GT in XLR specification. A variation of this delusion is the 3000E and the later 3000GXL were relatively common sights in the early 1970s.

Citroën Traction Avant

The Citroën Traction Avant at 90 by Andrew Roberts

  • Andrew Roberts |
  • 4th March, 2024

When Citroën presented the Traction Avant to its dealers in March 1934, it made automotive history. This was not only the company’s first front-wheel drive car, but there was also rack-&-pinion steering and all-independent suspension.

Triumph 2.5 PI Mk. 1

Meet The Owner – Kieron Trumper and his Triumph 2.5 PI Mk. 1

  • 4th March, 2024

I bought the car last April when I was 20. I always knew I wanted a Triumph 2000/2500 as my dad had them 20/30 years ago and still owned one when I was a little kid, and it is my earliest memory of cars.

Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show

Immerse yourself in the Practical Classics World at the NEC Classic Car & Restoration Show!

  • 4th March, 2024

Don’t miss the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show from 22-24 March at the NEC! No matter whether you’re currently engaged in a restoration project or someone who just simply appreciates the beauty of classic cars, this is the perfect place to be.

George Swift

Announcing our February Bright Young Spark, George Swift!

  • 4th March, 2024

Where did your passion for classics start? ‘Many different places: an interest in the history of engineering, being brought up around older cars, my curiosity to understand how all the components of a car come together to produce an operating vehicle.

Cars in field

Meet The Owner - Lewis Buchan and His Collection

  • 14th February, 2024

Owning a classic car is a joy with a few challenges en route: maintenance, restoration costs, having to source spare parts from across the globe and being asked “What’s that then?” in the Tesco car park approximately 1,354 times. Now, imagine those experiences multiplied by 28.

Bright Young Spark

Announcing our January Bright Young Spark, Rosie Hodgson- Jones!

  • 31st January, 2024

How did it all start? ‘My dad and grandad have always enjoyed tinkering and driving their vintage cars. Since I was really little, we have always gone out in them and on holiday with them, especially with the Ford Model T car club.