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When the 501 debuted at the 1951 Frankfurt Motor Show, it was one of the stars of the BMW stand. This was the company’s first new post-war model and an elegant sports saloon that cost around four times the average German wage. But, above all, there were those distinctive lines that resulted in the nickname ‘Baroque Angel’.

News: BMW at 100 – Top Ten

This year sees BMW celebrate its 100th birthday and compiling a ‘Top Ten’ will always be an interesting task given the sheer embarrassment of automotive riches. Andy Roberts dives into the archives...

News: BMW E30 3 Series Buyers Guide

With its chrome-heavy, late 1970s looks, the first iteration of BMW’s iconic 3 Series saloon, also known as the E21, might be the most sought after by some vintage car fans – but if you want a classic that you can live with every day and even get a good dose of sporting fun out of, the second generation 3 Series (or E30) may be your best bet of all.

News: Sixty Years of the BMW Neue Klasse

The 1961 Frankfurt International Motor Show looked set to be a most exciting event, not least for the new BMW priced at DM 8,500. The sales copy promised the prospective buyer ‘sportiness, refinement, genuine comfort and timeless elegance’ while the bodywork featured a distinctive ‘kink’ in the rear doors.


May of 1972 saw the formation of one of the most famous names in performance cars. A few months earlier, BMW recruited Robert A. ‘Bob’ Lutz from Opel as their Executive Vice president of Global Sales and Marketing, who urged the company’s return to touring car coemption.


And so to another anniversary this April newsletter, as the iconic BMW takes centre stage. Form temporary, class permanent so the saying goes, as Andrew Roberts explains.

Classic BMW Insurance

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News: The BMW Neue Klasse – A Celebration

When Autocar evaluated the BMW 1800 Ti their conclusion is best described as ‘uber-1965’; "For the sporting driver who is denied a two-seater for family reasons we would put this 1800TI high on the list. Yet this car would appeal as much to the young (but rich) bachelor who enjoys his driving, knows how to handle a fast machine and most of all appreciates quality engineering."

News: Club of the month: BMW Car Club of Great Britain

In the year that sees two BMW anniversaries, 50 years of the 2002 and the E3 "New Six" saloon, our February club of the month goes to ‘BMW Car Club of Great Britain’.


In the 1950s there were three British towns or boroughs associated with the assembly of overseas vehicles – Acton for Renault, Slough for Citroën and Brighton for the BMW Isetta.

News: 5 reasons to invest in a BMW Z3

If you remember when the BMW Z3 first hit the roads, hearing that the two-seater roadster turns 25 this year might make you feel a touch on the old side. But that means the car has now entered into ‘classic’ territory, with its timeless, dynamic and highly attractive design making it an appealing option for classic car enthusiasts.

News: The BMW Baroque Angel – a Celebration

If you were reading the 11th October edition of Autocar in 1957, you might have noticed an advertisement headlined ‘For the Discerning Motorist’. Naturally, you read on, as this clearly referred to a driver such as yourself, one who appreciated ‘Sober elegance of line, outstanding performance, admirable road holding and first-class craftsmanship’.