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News: 40 Years of the Chrysler Sunbeam

Last year I wrote about how, back in the summer of 1977, Petula Clark advised all ITV viewers to put a Chrysler Sunbeam in their lives. Such is the sheer unabashed cheesiness of this commercial – I would personally rate it as ‘Prime Stilton’ - that the achievement of the actual subject is sometimes overlooked...

News: 30 years of the Skoda Favorit

1989, a year when Bros would boom out from every branch of HMV and Our Price and when people actually thought it was a good idea to go shopping in a purple shell suit. There was some good news, in the form of the latest Skoda import that might halt the tedious jokes about the marque that had inflicted television light entertainment for much of the 1980s.

News: The 2017 Beaulieu Spring Autojumble

Nearly all enthusiasts have their own collecting hobby and my weakness is for motoring magazines of the past. You can buy such titles on eBay of course, but then you would deprive yourself of the thrill of the chase and the sheer satisfaction of finding a Motor Road Test Annual 1975, with an Allegro Estate on the front cover.

News: The Volkswagen Golf GTI MkI Remembered

1977 was the year that the Medallion Man roamed Britain’s highways, quite often at the wheel of a Ford Capri 1300L decorated to look resemble a 3000S. His sartorial role model was Alan ‘Fluff’ Freeman, his jewellery was real imitation gold – and his confusion on seeing the first imports of the Volkswagen Golf GTi was immense.

News: Top Ten Fast Fords

This could have so easily been a ‘Top 20’ or even a ‘Top 30’. For the moment here, in date order and in my opinion, are ten truly fabulous fast Fords – and if your favourite is absent, there will be another ‘Top Ten’ later this year!

News: 40 Years of the Saab 99 Turbo

This year marks a double celebration for Saab, not only is it the 40th anniversary of the Turbo, it is also the 50th birthday of the 99.

News: The Austin K2/Y Ambulance

As with many of my generation, I first encountered the Austin K2/Y via re-screenings of Ice Cold in Alex on television. It is a film that showcases the talents of John Mills and Anthony Quayle at their considerable best and one of the principal characters is the battered but indomitable ambulance, which was one of the key British military vehicles of the Second World War.

News: Six Of The Finest Ice Cream Vans

Decent weather is final upon us (at least it was when I wrote those words!) and, as the cinema adverts used to claim back in the 1960s, now is the time for ice cream. Highly decorated and still a part of the motoring landscape, the ice cream van is a very welcome sight at the end of a long summer’s day so here are six classic examples.

News: Remembering The Green Goddess

This column is by way of a tribute to one of the most interesting public service vehicles of post-war Britain - the Bedford ‘Green Goddess’ fire appliance. Its origins date back to 1949 when the Home Office created the Civil Defence Corps (CDC), whose purpose was to work alongside the Auxiliary Fire Service (AFS) in the aftermath of a nuclear war.

News: 60 Years of the Ford Thames 400E

In those distant days before the introduction of the Transit in 1965, a remote time when listening to Adam Faith’s records was regarded as evidence of mild decadence, the van of choice for many a builder, grocer or jobbing gardener was the Ford Thames 400E.

News: Do You Remember – The British International Motor Show at the NEC?

For me, the 1980s was the era of the British International Motor Show with five shows that took place between leaving junior school and starting university. There was always that sense of anticipation – plus various brochures to be collected!

News: DVD of The Week - That Riviera Touch

In 1964 Morecambe and Wise signed a contract to make three films for the Rank Organisation.