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News: 40 Years of the Rover SD1

If you are of a certain vintage – i.e. old enough to remember Watney’s Party Seven, Richard O’Sullivan in Man About the House, and the summer of 1976 - you will probably remember the first time you encountered the new SD1 series Rover 3500 some forty years ago.

News: 40 years of the Aston Martin Lagonda

We celebrate 40 years of the Aston Martin Lagonda, looking at the history of this ambitious classic car. - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: Classic Car Drawings

Lancaster Insurance Services employee Kiarni Buddery, Insurance Technician, tell us about her hobby of fine art which includes drawing classic cars.

News: NEVER LET GO 1960 – Starring The Ford Anglia 105E

If you asked the average classic car enthusiast to name a film or television programme starring a Ford Anglia, they might recall Never Let Go, a British film noir shot in London towards the end of 1959. We step back in time to reminisce...

News: 60 Years of the ‘Audax’ Series Hillman Minx

60 years ago a new Hillman Minx was the company car that all ambitious sales representatives craved. No prospective client could fail to be impressed by those sharp modern lines with the wraparound rear screen while the boot was large enough for any number of sample cases.


In the 1980s it was not uncommon for a television viewer to fall asleep during a BBC1 revival of Dracula AD1972 only to awake not to a be-caped Christopher Lee but a Morris 1100 attempting to overtake a Bedford CA pick-up.

News: Overlooked Gem – The Citroen Dyane

The recent August bank holiday put me in mind of a car-related film that was forever being screened during the 1970s and 1980s, one that was so bad that it must have been aired to drive the young viewers back to school. Go for Take was made in 1972 and starred an array of depressed-looking British character actors but it did boast, as a sole redeeming feature, a chase involving a Reg Varney and the overlooked gem: Citroen Dyane. - Written by Andy Roberts.


Obviously, there is no need to point out this extremely obvious fact to readers of the Lancaster blog but to the wider world – including owners of ‘zany’ wedding cars and lazy tabloid sub-editors – the fact that the automotive star of Only Fools and Horses was a Regal Supervan Series III does need repeating. The idea of Derek ‘Del Boy’ Trotter using a Reliant came from the show’s creator John Sullivan; in most shows the automotive star is a 1966 model but in the early seasons, the Trotters use an H-registered Regal. - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: Mercedes-Benz W123 40th Birthday

For many years the W123 series Mercedes-Benz was an omnipresent sight across the globe, the taxi that would take Euro-executives to their hotel, the Polizei car that would gong you for speeding or even the ambulance that might save your life. 40 years after the first examples graced showrooms, they are widely regarded as one of the finest vehicles to bear the Tri-Star emblem. - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: Top Ten 4-Seater Coupes

Do you dread the thought of leaking hoods and malfunctioning heaters as autumn approaches? Then have no fear of frost or damp as we present a list of our Top Ten 4-Seater Coupes! - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: 30 Years Of The Jaguar XJ40

Was it really 30 years ago that Jaguar launched one of its most important ever models? Take My Breath Away was apparently being played on the hour by every radio station, ITV was still screening 3-2-1 to non-discriminating viewers and, on 8th October 1986, the XJ40 was unveiled. - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: 1,000mph BLOODHOUND Supersonic Car to take centre stage on the Lancaster Insurance stand at the Classic Motor Show

Lancaster Insurance, headline sponsor of the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, has announced a ‘Best of British’ focus on its stand, with the iconic BLOODHOUND SSC show car taking pride of place. Show attendees will also be able to see a variety of exceptional classic models on the stand, each with their own unique story.