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News: At The Sign Of The ‘Bloated Pacman’ – The Happy Eater

"If in my memory, at any rate, the Little Chefs seems to belong to a 1970s of Hillman Avenger Supers and educational trips to the Marchwood Power Station, then I associated the Happy Eater more with the 1980s." - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Driving Down Memory Lane – The Truly Forgotten Cars

"Over the last week I‘ve been driving down memory lane, looking through reviews and road-tests of cars I’d forgotten had ever existed. Here's a list of the Truly Forgotten Cars." - Written by Andy Roberts

News: ‘Booted Hatchbacks’ - My Top Ten

"Before writing this piece, I’d forgotten just how many ‘booted hatchbacks’ once existed. Some readers may have fond memories of the Sierra Sapphire and others may recall the Vauxhall Belmont but this is my, totally subjective, top ten." - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Five More Terrible Motoring Ads

Just when you thought it was safe to come out from behind the sofa, here’s another five of the most ill-judged motoring commercials of bygone days. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you… - Written by Andy Roberts


‘The younger generation sometimes say, “is that a Mk.1 Escort?” – much to my annoyance! I am very occasionally asked “is it a Viva?” but the most common reaction is “what is it?”.

News: Top tips for reversing a motorhome

Manoeuvring a motorhome on Britain’s busy roads can be a challenge at the best of times. Narrow, congested lanes can mean getting your motorhome from A to B takes a fair amount of skill and precision.

News: CLUB OF THE MONTH - The Fiat Motor Club

The Fiat Motor Club (GB) is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the motoring enjoyment of its members. You don’t have to own a Fiat to join, just a love for all things Italian such as cars, food and lifestyle.

News: Are you planning on buying a new classic?

With lockdown being gradually eased and from Monday, car show rooms in England being able to trade, people appear to be turning their attentions to purchasing a new car.

News: 2020 Hyundai Coupe Cup – review so far by Alex Cursley

The 2020 Hyundai Coupe Cup season has been shorter than normal due to the current situation. With racing starting in August, we talk to our sponsored driver, Alex Cursley, as he looks back on the season ahead of the Championship decider at Oulton Park this Saturday (31st October).

News: Meet the owner Ian Mackenzie and his Wolseley 1100

‘It’s either older folk remembering having one and anyone under 40 asking what it is! It still staggers me that it was the bestselling car in the UK of the ‘sixties and yet by the late ‘eighties they’d all but disappeared from the road!’

News: Club of the Month!

Our final Club of the Month award of 2020 goes to the Morris Marina Owners Club & Morris Ital Register! Started in 1984 by Frank Philips and Clive Higgins, in the year that the last Morris Ital was built, the Club has supported owners of the Morris Marina, Ital and all of its derivatives with its mission statement to ‘Inform –Preserve - Drive – Enjoy.’

News: Alex Cursley – review of final round of Hyundai Coupe Cup 2020

Our sponsored driver, Alex Cursley, has been back in action in the Hyundai Coupe Cup 2020 and below he takes us through the events of the final round. “The final round was held at Oulton Park in Cheshire and it would decide who would be the 2020 series champion.