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News: Andy Roberts Shares his Restoration Show Highlights 2017

Where else but at The Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show are you likely to find not one but three Austin Ambassadors, all of them the flagship Vanden Plas version, and a 1975 Wolseley-badged blue Wedge?

News: 60 Years of the Riley One Point Five and Wolseley 1500

It must be said that the chap in the Riley brochure looks as jaunty as a young Nicolas Parsons or indeed any other actor who was prone to saying ‘gosh’ in a 1950s Technicolor comedy. And it is no wonder that he is tipping his hat to the new One Point Five, as it was – and indeed is – one of the most delightful British cars of the late 1950s.

News: Nice Cars - Shame About The Film

There is a select group of British films in which the viewer thinks a) what great cars b) the poor cast and c) I have just wasted at least 70 minutes of my life on this utter tripe. Here are just seven pictures which are always worth watching for various Jaguars, Triumphs or Wolseleys, even if they have the dramatic impact of the BBC Test Card. Enjoy….

News: The Secret of a Great Club Team. It is All About Teamwork!

As part of their dedication to car clubs, classic car insurance specialists Lancaster Insurance have recently recruited another dedicated Car Club Liaison.


A select group of cars are instantly likeable – cars such as the Sunbeam Imp Sport and the Singer Chamois Sport. Their combination of looks, performance and charm, are quite formidable – ‘Sparkling sports performance with luxury saloon comfort’, as the Rootes Group put it.

News: The Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show 2019

There it was on the Simca Club UK stand at Hall 5 of the NEC at the Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show with Discovery last weekend.

News: One Of The Greatest Citroens - The Ami 6

About forty years ago, I encountered a car that truly mesmerised my younger self. As the focus of my village was a large yachting marina, it was not uncommon to see unusual LHD vehicles used by owners and their crews – but I had never seen anything like that small ivory-coloured saloon with the French licence plates.

News: The Ultimate Summer Car? - Bob Hart's Beach Mini

As the 60th anniversary of the Mini approaches, we will be featuring blogs on the many facets of its story – including the version aimed at the “Jet Set” of bygone days.

News: Meet The Owner - Garry Dickens and His Austin Super Seven

At first glance, 272 NHY is a prime example of the early Mini, one that bears the “Seven” badging that adorned all pre-1962 Austin versions. But then you notice that the grille does not quite resemble that of a typical De Luxe model, the two-tone Grey and “Almond Green” paint finish and the elaborate interior. Garry Dickens is the proud owner of an “Austin Super Seven”, one of the most short-lived and fascinating aspects of the Mini story.

News: Meet The Owner - John Fisher's 1966 Austin Mini Convertible

When the Mini collector John Fisher takes his Tweed Grey 1966 Austin Convertible for a spin he often encounters one of the following questions - ‘did you cut the roof off it yourself?’ or ‘why hasn’t it fallen in half?’ To which the answer is always, the work was undertaken by Crayford of Westerham in Kent - and their standards were renowned in the UK and overseas.


My earliest memory of the Mini dates from 1974 when every Thursday a neighbour’s maroon ten-year-old Morris Super De Luxe would transport us to the delights of the Hedge End branch of Fine Fare (‘Jacob’s Cream Crackers – 2p Off!’).

News: The Mini at 60 Cavalcade

On the morning of August Bank Holiday, certain residents of Cowley must have thought they were experiencing a Doctor Who-style time warp, as 60 Minis thundered along the road from the Mini Plant Oxford. The Cavalcade was, of course, a 60th birthday celebration of one of the select few cars that merit the term ‘icon’ and was an event that involved the resources of BMW UK, BBC Radio Oxford, Tanya Field, and countless enthusiasts who gave their time and effort.