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News: 40 Years of The Citroen Visa

There is one particular detail of the early Visa that remains in the minds of all who encountered them back in in 1978.

News: Classics World Roadtrip

This week, we’re thrilled to be joining Classics World on their roadtrip to celebrate the 30th anniversary of four incredible cars; Mk1 Mazda MX-5, Land Rover Discovery, Rover 200 and Citroen XM.

News: Meet The Owner - Paul Stevens and his 1960 Citroen ID19

The year is 1960, and the good citizens of Slough are fleeing in terror from what appears to be an alien spacecraft; albeit one that uses four wheels.

News: The Chris Salter Citroen Collection

It would be fair to say that Mr. Chris Salter is an aficionado of French cars –‘I learnt to drive in my parents’ Renault 16TX, when 17, and I was given the car’.

News: Formidable! - Guylaine Bouriad's Citroen Dyane 6

Guylaine Bouriaud would be the first to say that few people brought a Citroën Dyane 6 for its blistering top speed, but then it is a car that offers so much else.


It is hard to convey just how different the Renault Espace seemed from the majority of cars back in 1985 when British sales commenced. It bore no resemblance to the company’s 18 Estate and nor was it directly comparable with the likes of the Citroen CX Safari or the Peugeot 505 Familiale.

News: Top Five Vanishing Family Cars

"There comes a moment in the life-cycle of many previously popular cars when they almost vanish overnight and looking at the ‘How Many Left’ website is almost as depressing as watching Take the High Road. Then you start to think when you last saw a Rover 600, a Vauxhall Cavalier Mk.2 or a Citroen BX?" - Written by Andy Roberts


Summer is nearly upon us, although I refuse to take any responsibility if you are reading this in the middle of a Force 9 storm, and the criteria for this magnificent pricing is ‘reasonable’ seating for at least a quartet of adults and enough room in the boot for a decent-sized picnic hamper. For those missing the Reliant Scimitar GTC or the VW Golf Cabriolet, these and many others will all feature in future Top Tens – watch this space. But, for now - Citroen Visa Decapotable

News: Do You Remember – The Layland Princess?

‘A comfortable ride, is nicely flexible in the gears, well equipped and spacious’ - that was the opinion of Car magazine when it tested a certain Wedge-shaped car opposite a Citroen CX2000 and a BMW 518.

News: Lancaster Insurance sponsors Pride of Ownership at Practical Classics Restoration and Classic Car Show

A mixed trio of stunning classic cars are the first vehicles to be confirmed for the Pride of Ownership display, to be sponsored by Lancaster Insurance, at the Practical Classics Restoration and Classic Car Show, held 5-6 March at Birmingham’s NEC. A 1952 Humber Pullman Limousine, 1976 Citroen Ami Super Saloon and a stunning VW Camper Van have taken the first of the 20 places available for private entries.


James Walshe was eight years old at the 1984 Birmingham Motor Show. It was there, on the Citroen stand, that the Deputy Editor of Practical Classics saw the vehicle that helped to shape his future automotive collection.