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News: Memories Of The Little Chef – Early Starter Breakfasts And Free Lollipops

The Little Chef was a part of British motoring for 29 years, the original branch being a US-style diner on Oxford Road in Reading. The first branch was aimed at those respectable motorists who had just bought their first Ford 100E Prefect or Morris Minor and who would not be seen dead in a Hell Drivers style transport cafe... Andy Roberts shares his memories.

News: The Austin Champ - The Land Rover Rival That Could Have Been a Contender

As the Land Rover Defender has recently passed into motoring history, it is timely to remember one of the British pretenders to its crown. The Austin Champ now seems to belong to a black and white past of National Servicemen in Pathé Newsreels and low-budget science fictions films about alien beings invading Chobham Common. - Written by Andy Roberts

News: The Five Worst TV & Film Car Commercials Of All Time

"As film and television historian (my ‘day’ job), it has been a pleasure to endure some of the most endearingly poor advertisements for cars of the past sixty years. Here are five of my favourites..." - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Man in a Suitcase

Many readers who grew up during the 1980s will recall how late on autumn nights ITV would screen re-runs of a spy programme concerning a prematurely grey-haired America private eye who drove a succession of Hillman Imps... - Written by Andy Roberts

News: The Top Five Horror Films (For Classic Car Enthusiasts)

Halloween beckons, and for those of us who wish to avoid trick-or-treaters there is the alternative of a good – or at least entertaining – film. And so we have carefully selected our top five horror films dating from the 1950s to the 1990s, each featuring at least one splendid motor-car. Happy nightmares… - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Design Icon – The Range Rover

Many of us have a mental shortlist of those prime classic cars where form and function coalesce to create a genuinely ground-breaking vehicle. The sale on the 29th October by Coys of Kensington of the first production Range Rover for £115, 000 is a very timely reminder of an automotive design so magnificent that one was even exhibited in the Louvre as an ‘outstanding piece of modern sculpture’. - Written by Andy Roberts

News: 50 Years Of The Jensen Interceptor

The Jensen Interceptor, to put it frankly, does not look 50 years old. - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Heroes of Motoring – The Stunt Professionals

It’s 1986 and you're watching a Bank Holiday revival of Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150AD on BBC1. The opening sequence features a familiar screen face... Surely the driver of the getaway Jaguar Mk. X evading the long arm of Bernard Cribbins was the same chap who crashed his S-Type in the pre-credit scene of Stoppo Driver, one of the finest episodes of The Sweeney? Indeed it was, in the form of the great stuntman Rocky Tayor. We look at the Heroes of Motoring – The Stunt Professionals. - Written by Andy Roberts

News: The Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show – And The Power Of Nostalgia

Andy Roberts talks us through the power of nostalgia after attending the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show over the weekend.

News: The Classic Motor Show – A Chance To Dream…

It was the 1963 Class Winner of the Tourist Trophy at Goodwood. It was possibly one of the most exquisite designs ever created by Colin Chapman. And, best of all (for me at any rate) the 1958 Lotus Elite auctioned by Silverstone Auctions at the Classic Motor Show was originally the property of Chris Barber, that legend of British jazz and blues. - Written by Andy Roberts

News: My Car Of The Show

Virtually everyone who visited the Classic Motor Show last weekend will have almost certainly bestowed their own ‘Car of the Show’ award on exhibits that captured the eye and the emotions. Here is mine. - Written by Andy Roberts

News: The Original Alfa Romeo Giulia

In June of last year Alfa Romeo launched their Tipo 952 Giulia but many of us recall the original car to bear that name, a vehicle that was the automotive embodiment of the post-war Italian ‘economic miracle’. - Written by Andy Roberts