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The Jensen 541S was quite a star of the 1960 London Motor Show. As compared with its 541R predecessor, it was four inches wider, lacked the familiar adjustable front air flap and featured a limited-slip differential and Dunlop disc brakes fore and aft.

News: Five Splendid British Estate Cars Of The 1960s

It would be fair to say that this BMC duo mainly appealed to drivers who were not especially interested in “Swinging London” and who regarded Edgar Lustgarten crime films as ‘too thrilling for words’.

News: Seventy Years of the Bond - The Original British Minicar

Stan Cornock of the Bond Owners’ Club is more than familiar with the myths surrounding the Minicar, not least because he has been driving them ‘since 1958’.

News: The Latest Star of the British Motor Museum - A 1971 Morris Marina De Luxe

Many readers will have learned to regard the term ‘time warp classic’ with suspicion as it all too often refers to an eBay “bargain” that Albert Steptoe, let alone Arthur Daley, would have rejected.


As a younger classic enthusiast, one of my favourite books was the World Car Catalogue, not least because of its array of overseas-built British cars. Here is a sample of just ten such vehicles:

News: The Golden Days of the Great British Petrol Station

When I was a youth, many decades ago in the days when a Cider Quench ice lolly was the height of luxury (even if they tasted of sour apples) and Bedford Beagles still roamed the earth, my village boasted two garages.

News: 60 years of the British motorway

The gentlemen with the Bedford CA are installing one of the latest Calvert-Kinneir signs for a new type of highway.

News: Top Ten British Film Car Chases

This is a deeply personal top ten, one borne of television viewing during my formative years; others of my vintage might have cited 11 Harrowhouse, The Mackintosh Man, Villain or Get Carter while I have left out The Italian Job as it is so well known... - Written by Andy Roberts

News: The Jabbeke Triumph TR2 Joins The British Motor Museum

It is Wednesday 20th May 1953, and the location is the Jabbeke highway in Belgium. When Ken Richardson took to the wheel of MVC 575, he set a new record for a two-litre production sports car. As the narrator puts it ‘it’s safe to predict a great future for new Triumph sports car’.


Put simply, the British Motor Corporation’s ADO16 range is one of the most important family of cars in the history of the UK’s automotive industry. When the original Morris 1100 debuted on 15th August 1962, it was not just the Mini-formula writ large; it introduced thousands of drivers to the concepts of FWD and Italian-styling all at a price within reach of the average suburbanite.

News: 50 YEARS OF THE FIAT 128

Of the many automotive anniversaries celebrated this year, the Fiat 128 has to be one of the rarest on British roads.


In the background of British films and television programmes of the 1950s and 1960s such as The Ladykillers, The Baron or the Look at Life travelogues you will often see a three-wheeled delivery vehicle in the distinctive red and cream livery of British Railways.