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Lancaster Insurance offers a number of insurance schemes for motorhome and campervan insurance - give us a call on 01480 220186 and we’ll get you a great deal!

News: The best motorhome clubs you can join

Owning a motorhome enables you to get away from it all. But did you know it can also provide you with a whole new community?

News: What accessories do I need for a motorhome trip?

You’ve finally got your dream motorhome and you’re ready to set off on your first adventure – not quite! First you have to think about what you want to take with you on your journey.

News: Seventy Years of the Rover P4

Just imagine you had obtained tickets for the 1949 London Motor Show and were eager to mentally plan your latest car, even if the domestic waiting list meant a possible delivery date in 1952.

News: What are the benefits of owning a motorhome?

Jumping into a motorhome and taking off into the wilds without a backwards glance – it’s a dream for many of us. If you’re still mulling over whether you should make that dream a reality, we’re here to help.

News: NEC Classic Launches '35 Years of Motoring' with Greatest Hits Radio

Another exciting new display has been added to this year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, as part of its 35th anniversary celebrations. A special ‘35 years in motoring with Greatest Hits Radio’ display will show how motoring has evolved since the first show opened in 1984.

News: Our tips for driving a motorhome for the very first time

If you’ve only ever driven cars until now, the prospect of getting behind the wheel of a motorhome might seem pretty daunting. The thought of scraping the side of your new pride and joy as you attempt to make a manoeuvre is not pleasant at all.

News: Celebrating the 1959 Earls Court Motor Show

Was 1959 the year of the ultimate Motor Show? Some readers might argue that this might be more applicable to the 1948 event. Others consider it was 1955, 1962 or 1970.

News: Seventy Years of the AA Land-Rover

For the past 71 years, Land-Rover has been associated with serving the public – police, fire, ambulance, coast-guard, mountain rescue – and, of course, the AA and the RAC.

News: The 2019 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show

Such was the impact of the 2019 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, no mere report could possibly do it justice. Here are just 50 impressions of the event from our resident blog writer Andrew Roberts:

News: Which campsites in the UK are open all year round for motorhomes?

With the colder season now drawing in, it’s time to think about putting the motorhome away until it warms up again… or maybe not! A winter tour can be a lot of fun – you just need to know what campsites are open at this time of year.

News: The best UK pubs to visit on your next motorhome trip

Whatever your idea of the perfect motorhome holiday, you’re likely to want to include a visit to a pub while you’re away for a well-earned tipple after a day on the road.