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News: Lancaster Insurance embraces ‘Built to Last’ theme by opening ‘Lancaster Cars’ at the NEC!

Lancaster Insurance, headline sponsor of the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, will be highlighting the evolution of old to new and welcoming show attendees to visit ‘Lancaster Cars’ on their stand in Hall One!

News: The Five Worst Screen Car Chases

There are those films with car chases that thrill and inspire – Bullitt, The Italian Job, Brannigan - but there are also those pictures with such wayward pursuit sequences that the viewer eventually begins to wonder if he/she dreamt them. Here are my five such memorable moments:

News: The Peugeot 205 GTi, The Best Hot Hatch of All Time?

There are some hot topics amongst the classic car enthusiast crowd that are likely to start a lively debate, 80s and 90s best hot hatches is certainly one of them.

News: The National Car Club Awards 2017

When it comes to the penultimate evening of the Practical Classic, Classic Car and Restoration show, there’s no greater place to be than at The National Car Club Awards. Great company, a fantastic dinner and the chance to mingle with the driving forces of the classic car industry, the club members themselves!


While watching certain Australian television shows during the 1970s and 1980s, I sometimes noticed a very peculiar looking car in some background shots. Whether the programme was Skippy – which I will admit to enjoying, Prisoner: Cell Block H (which I won’t) or the early BBC screening of Neighbours (ditto), there might be a vehicle resembling a love-child of a Wolseley 1500 and a Ford Anglia 105E.

News: The smallest classic cars of all time

Just be sure to have the best classic car insurance in place to protect them from damage. They may be small but they’re not invulnerable! These tiny but desirable classic cars are only going up in value and make perfect daily run arounds. So, which one of these diminutive automobiles would you love to have in your garage?


By any standards, the 164 is a very special motor-car. It was the last of the “Tipo 4/Type 4” family, predated by the Fiat Croma, Lancia Thema and the Saab 9000. It was also the last Alfa Romeo developed before the Fiat takeover of 1986 and one of its generation’s finest sports saloons.

News: Meet The Owner - Theo Kyriacou and his Fiat 131 Mirafiori Sport

‘I’ve owned at least one Fiat 131s since I bought my first one, a 1600 Special in 1979, and at one point, I had three. My current metallic grey 131 Mirafiori Sport I bought in 2001 when I was told my previous silver 131 Sport was beyond economic restoration. “Everything can be fixed/repaired, but it’s not worth restoring this one! Buy another one” I was told’.

News: The best supercars of the 1980s

Depending on who you speak to, the 1980s, with its big hair, big shoulder pads and even bigger personalities, was either a decade that should be fondly remembered or forgotten altogether. The supercars from this era were equally ‘bold and brash’, with their large rear-wings and over-sized vents – and we love them for it.


2020 sees the 35th anniversary of one of the rarest cars in Britain – just one Turbo I.E. remains on the road: - and it is a Fiat that is unfairly overlooked. The Croma is the third member of the “Tipo Quattro” -Type 4 - family, following the Lancia Thema and the Saab 9000, but pre-dating the Alfa Romeo 164.


You’d have thought the “Allegro Joke” was utterly and totally played out circa 2002, but even today Alexandra Phillips of Gloucestershire still occasionally encounters a few remarks along the lines of ‘when I say I have classic cars “Oh, what have you got?” Austin Allegro. "Ha ha ha ha that's not a classic"’ plus ‘always you've got the “All Aggro" comments – I just block them out’.

News: Meet The Owner - The Pringle Family Triumph 1500

‘For most people, it brings them back to when they were learning to drive’ is just one response to the 1972 Triumph owned by Andrew Pringle’s father John.