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News: Motor Sport and Williams Showcase the Famous Rosberg Racing Dynasty in 'Family Ties' Themed NEC Display

To celebrate the ‘Family Ties’ theme of this year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, two Williams F1 cars driven by one of the most famous father/son dynasties in the history of the sport will be on display at the NEC show, held 10-12 November.

News: Vehicle theft: Don't let your classic become another statistic

Whether your classic has been in the family for years or is a new addition, being the victim of vehicle theft can be devastating. As classic car values soar, this is becoming common. Whilst we may not be able to stop every vehicle being stolen, there are a number of ways we can help reduce the chance and here at Lancaster, we’ve created a list of helpful hints and tips that may help.


The name of Volvo is so well established in the UK that is very difficult to believe that there was once a time when it was only enthusiasts of rallying, and ‘foreign cars’ who knew of the Swedish marque.

News: Meet The Owner- Theo Kyriacou and His Lancia Trevi

Anyone who visited the 1980 Motor Show will recall the crowds around the new Austin Min Metro and Ford Escort Mk. III – plus a new Lancia, for the Trevi made its British debut at the NEC.

News: The Five Worst Screen Car Chases

There are those films with car chases that thrill and inspire – Bullitt, The Italian Job, Brannigan - but there are also those pictures with such wayward pursuit sequences that the viewer eventually begins to wonder if he/she dreamt them. Here are my five such memorable moments:


During my primary school years, one of our close neighbours owned a dark grey 1966 Amazon Estate and compared with the Ford Cortina Mk. IIIs and Datsun 120Y Sunnys that populated the village, the Volvo looked far older than its years.


The array of models produced by the overseas plants of BMC/BL do tend to prompt one question – could any of them have succeeded in the UK? The Australian-market Wolseley 24/80 - a 16/60 powered by the locally-designed “Blue Streak” 2.4-litre six - certainly had its merits but by 1964 it would have clashed with the Austin 1800 “Landcrab”.

News: Meet The Owner – Peter Frost and his Wartburg 311

‘Most people haven’t got a clue what it is. Some think it is a Volvo while others read the badging on the front and get it confused with a Borgward’. But to be fair, Peter Frost’s 1963 Wartburg 311 Luxus-Limousine is a fairly exclusive sight, even by the standards of the classic car world.

News: Lancaster Insurance embraces ‘Built to Last’ theme by opening ‘Lancaster Cars’ at the NEC!

Lancaster Insurance, headline sponsor of the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, will be highlighting the evolution of old to new and welcoming show attendees to visit ‘Lancaster Cars’ on their stand in Hall One!

News: The Peugeot 205 GTi, The Best Hot Hatch of All Time?

There are some hot topics amongst the classic car enthusiast crowd that are likely to start a lively debate, 80s and 90s best hot hatches is certainly one of them.

News: The National Car Club Awards 2017

When it comes to the penultimate evening of the Practical Classic, Classic Car and Restoration show, there’s no greater place to be than at The National Car Club Awards. Great company, a fantastic dinner and the chance to mingle with the driving forces of the classic car industry, the club members themselves!

News: 2,500 reasons to visit the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery

That’s right, 2,500 cars will be filling the halls of the NEC at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, and while we would love to tell you about all of them now, that would just ruin the surprise.