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News: The Allegro From Italy - The Innocenti Regent

You are looking at one of the more exclusive cars to hail from Italy – one that is now less seldom encountered than a Ferrari Testarossa and rarer than Lamborghini Espada.

News: Meet The Owner – Emily Meunzberg and her Opel Manta A

In late 1974 Emily Meunzberg’s grandfather took delivery from Bridge Motors of Skellingthorpe of a Manta A 1.9 Berlinetta, one that has been part of the family for the past 45 years.

News: Meet The Owner - Garry Dickens and His Austin Super Seven

At first glance, 272 NHY is a prime example of the early Mini, one that bears the “Seven” badging that adorned all pre-1962 Austin versions. But then you notice that the grille does not quite resemble that of a typical De Luxe model, the two-tone Grey and “Almond Green” paint finish and the elaborate interior. Garry Dickens is the proud owner of an “Austin Super Seven”, one of the most short-lived and fascinating aspects of the Mini story.

News: Phew - What a scorcher!

As the nation braces itself for what could be the hottest day on record, here are a few memories of past heatwave motoring

News: Car of the month: David Frost's 1966 Ford Mustang

On 17th April 1964, Henry Ford II unveiled a car at the New York World Fair, one that sold 22,000 units on that same day. It was, of course, the Mustang, the car Ford intended as ‘the working man’s Thunderbird’.

News: The Latest Star of the British Motor Museum - A 1971 Morris Marina De Luxe

Many readers will have learned to regard the term ‘time warp classic’ with suspicion as it all too often refers to an eBay “bargain” that Albert Steptoe, let alone Arthur Daley, would have rejected.

News: 50 Years of the Triumph 2000/2500 MK.II

In the early 1970s, the sort of person who owned a new Triumph 2000 or 2.5 PI Mk. II was an instantly familiar type. They would dress fashionably but not outrageously – think Terry Scott as opposed to Jason King – and they would regard Watney’s Red Barrell as an abomination and Hai Karate aftershave as totally naff.

News: Always Acceptable - The Dacia Denem

Many of us, over the years, compile a shortlist of cars that we read about in brochures but never encountered in the metal. For example, I cannot recall ever seeing the single-headlamp Vauxhall Cresta PC “Standard”, a Citroën LNA, a Lancia Prisma or a Mitsubishi Tredia on the road.

News: Meet The Owner – Tim Mullings and his Morris Marina Jubilee

‘I receive so much respect when I take it for a drive; thumbs up and waves from pedestrians and headlamps flashed by other drivers. And it is small wonder that Tim Mullings’s Morris Marina Jubilee attracts such positive attention for if you owned one of these fine cars some 46 years ago, you would have enjoyed enhancing status in your community.

News: The BMW Neue Klasse – A Celebration

When Autocar evaluated the BMW 1800 Ti their conclusion is best described as ‘uber-1965’; "For the sporting driver who is denied a two-seater for family reasons we would put this 1800TI high on the list. Yet this car would appeal as much to the young (but rich) bachelor who enjoys his driving, knows how to handle a fast machine and most of all appreciates quality engineering."

News: The Mini from Spain – Simon Wheatcroft's Authi Cooper 1300

‘Most people think it is either an Innocenti or a British Mini with Innocenti bits – about one person per year recognises it as an Authi’. In 1965 the British Motor Corporation signed an agreement with Nueva Montaña Quijano S.A. to form Authi - Automoviles de Turismo Hispano Ingleses – and Simon Wheatcroft’s Cooper 1300 is one of over 140,000 Minis to leave the Pamplona factory.


Growing up in a Hampshire village where the local newspaper would bear a headline such as ‘Chaos As Radical New Strawberry Punnet Design Is Unveiled’, a Ford Escort Ghia Mk. II appeared the epitome of high living.