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News: Cars I Learnt to Drive In

In recent weeks I’ve spotted an Audi A1, BMW 123d and a new Mini Cooper as driving instructor vehicles in my local town. Feeling rather cheated as I passed my driving test in a battered Vauxhall Corsa just eight years ago, I shared my bewilderment with work colleagues who were only too happy to reminisce about the cars they learnt to drive in.

News: Lancaster Insurance Pride Of Ownership Top Twenty Battle For Visitor Votes

Out of 80 applicants, the final 20 cars set to battle it out in the Lancaster Insurance Pride of Ownership at the NEC Classic Motor Show, held at Birmingham’s NEC from 11-13 November, have been selected – and it won’t be an easy decision for the visitors to pick the ‘Pride and Joy’ of the show.


There is, as many of us are all too aware, a grim fasciation in perusing for the numbers of once-familiar sights. Here are seven cars that are on the verge of vanishing from our roads.

News: Seven Chrysler UK/Talbot Special Editions

Which of these seven fine cars would have lured you into your local dealership? 1972 Hillman Avenger Top Hat The Avenger was only two years into its production run when Chrysler UK unveiled the Top Hat.

News: Best French classic cars

Choosing a Top 10 of French classics is a near-impossible task, with the likes of Renault, Peugeot and Citroën competing against each other as well as lesser-known gems. So, we’ve picked out 10 examples of great cars from the post-war era up to the 1980s that still hold huge appeal for motoring enthusiasts today.

News: 8 of the best hot hatches

Here are eight of the best hot hatches (in our humble opinion) from over the years - many of which we’re proud to cover here at Lancaster.

News: Can you use E10 fuel in your classic car?

Motoring fans like nothing better than starting up their classic and taking it out for a regular run through the countryside. After all the pleasurable hours of tinkering, it’s fantastic to really let rip and soak up some admiring glances from other road users.

News: The Austin Metro turns 40

Much-loved cheeky 80s runabout the Austin Mini Metro turns 40 this year. Often the butt of jokes for being on the rusty, dowdy, unreliable side, the Austin Metro is now achieving a cult following from a new, younger crowd.


Through no fault of their own, some cars never seemed to establish a niche in the UK. In Spain, the SEAT 133 was regarded as the heir to the 850. However, British motorists were perplexed by what seemed to be an enlarged Fiat 126. The Cherry Europe was the product of an ambitious agreement between Nissan and Alfa Romeo, but it seemed to have no apparent role in Datsun GB’s line-up.

News: What makes a classic car appreciate in value?

Many classic car enthusiasts hope to make money from their hobby, but sadly not all of them are so lucky. So, what is it about a classic car that makes it appreciate in value? What factors should you consider when choosing a car as an investment? And how should you care for your car in a way that will boost its value over the years to come?

News: What’s the environmental impact of classic cars in the UK?

In this article, we set the record straight on what the new law will mean for classic car owners and help you keep up to date with the government’s long-term plans. But, first, it’s important to put it all into context by looking at the environmental impact of classic cars in the UK.

News: Who is the next generation of classic car owners?

The pastime of collecting classic cars shows no signs of disappearing – however, the market is undergoing a seismic shift, with baby boomers making way for the new generation.