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News: The Original Alfa Romeo Giulia

In June of last year Alfa Romeo launched their Tipo 952 Giulia but many of us recall the original car to bear that name, a vehicle that was the automotive embodiment of the post-war Italian ‘economic miracle’. - Written by Andy Roberts

News: 30 Years Of The Rover 800

Little can seem as remote as the recent past and this is certainly true when seeing an early Rover 800 at the Classic Motor Show - a car to conjure an era of ‘yuppies’ and ‘Filofaxes’. We celebrate 30 years of this classic car. - Written by Andy Roberts

News: The Bond Bug - May the Force/Farce Be With You

In cinemas nearly 40 years ago, audiences marvelled at the sight of Luke Skywalker at the controls of his Landspeeder, little realising its connections with Tamworth. The careful use of angled cameras and mirrors meant that a rather familiar wheel layout was never visible. Besides, the fact that the Bond's rear axle was a mere four inches from the floor meant that it really did seem to skim the ground. - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Top Five British Sitcom Cars

This is an absolutely personal, biased and subjective list of British sitcom cars that made an impact on the younger me... Here are my top five British sitcom cars! - Written by Andy Roberts

News: The Protectors

The recent passing of Robert Vaughan on November 11th was my cue to re-watch a British television series that the actor did not much care for: 'The Protectors'. - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Forgotten Cars Of The 1970s – The Polski Fiat 125p

"She looks winsome. They look like bit actors from Man About the House. The fashions look as though they were created in the dark. And the car in the middle of the frame is the Polski-Fiat 125p which, for many years, was second fiddle in the British market to the Lada." - Written by Andy Roberts

News: At The Sign Of The ‘Bloated Pacman’ – The Happy Eater

"If in my memory, at any rate, the Little Chefs seems to belong to a 1970s of Hillman Avenger Supers and educational trips to the Marchwood Power Station, then I associated the Happy Eater more with the 1980s." - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Driving Down Memory Lane – The Truly Forgotten Cars

"Over the last week I‘ve been driving down memory lane, looking through reviews and road-tests of cars I’d forgotten had ever existed. Here's a list of the Truly Forgotten Cars." - Written by Andy Roberts

News: ‘Booted Hatchbacks’ - My Top Ten

"Before writing this piece, I’d forgotten just how many ‘booted hatchbacks’ once existed. Some readers may have fond memories of the Sierra Sapphire and others may recall the Vauxhall Belmont but this is my, totally subjective, top ten." - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Heroes of Motoring – Raymond Baxter

"On 19th September 1976, Hero of Motoring Raymond Baxter appeared in The Goodies’ episode It Might As Well Be String, clad only in his underwear and uttering his lines with the straight-faced aplomb which only Ronnie Barker could have equalled." - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Heroes of motoring – Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert

"One of the most intriguing aspects of pictures of motoring of the past, aside from the telegraph wires and transport cafes that made the establishment in Hell Drivers look like The Ritz, are road signs. Which is where two of the heroes of motoring – Jock Kinneir and Margaret Calvert - come in." - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Five More Terrible Motoring Ads

Just when you thought it was safe to come out from behind the sofa, here’s another five of the most ill-judged motoring commercials of bygone days. Don’t say that we didn’t warn you… - Written by Andy Roberts