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News: Club of the Month – The Classic Corvette Club

Our first accolade of the year goes to the Classic Corvette Club UK (CCUK). An enthusiastic and friendly club, we have been working with the team for over five years and currently sit on their insurance panel, offering members a discount of up to 25% off their insurance premium.

News: Club of Month - The Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain

The Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain, or 2CVGB, is a friendly and knowledgeable group, of all ages and backgrounds, dedicated to preserving, restoring and enjoying Citroën A-Series models.

News: Club of the Month - P6 Rover Owners Club

The P6 Rover Owners Club (P6ROC) was established in 1982. It’s non-profit making and voluntarily run by Deborah Stanley and a team of dedicated enthusiasts ensuring the survival of all P6 models in the 2000, 2200 and 3500 ranges.

News: Club Of The Month - Lotus Drivers Club

Our club of the month goes to the Lotus Drivers Club! Founded over 40 years ago, the club has a presence in numerous counties up and down the country and its philosophy is embedded in its name - to get members and enthusiasts out and driving their Lotus at every opportunity.

News: Club of the month: BMW Car Club of Great Britain

In the year that sees two BMW anniversaries, 50 years of the 2002 and the E3 "New Six" saloon, our February club of the month goes to ‘BMW Car Club of Great Britain’.

News: Club of the Month - XR Owners Club

The XR Owners Club was formed in 1983 to bring together XR enthusiasts who share a common passion for the marque. The Club also has an active social media presence with its Official XR Owners Club UK group having over 4,000 members!

News: Club of The Month: March 2017

A warm welcome to our new club partners, and ‘Club of the Month’, Volvo Enthusiast Club.

News: Car of the Month: May 17

Regular readers of Lancaster’s ‘Car of the month’ feature might see a bit of a theme developing. With March’s COTM featuring the Peugeot 205 GTi and April’s looking back at the Escort XR3i, it seems only proper that we now look at the car which started off the whole ‘hot hatch’ movement.

News: Club of the month – Porsche 924 Owners Club

Being a 924 Owners Club member brings far more benefits than just events; for a start there's the first class, full-colour, club magazine, 'TwoFour', which has been 'club magazine of the month' in Classic Car Weekly twice and also received an honourable mention at the Classic & Sports Car awards!

News: Club of the month

November’s club of the month goes to MX-5 Owners’ Club! Established in 1994, the clubs aims are to promote the use and enjoyment of MX-5s, encourage safe driving and to create a friendly environment where owners can meet and exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences.

News: Club of the Month: October 2016

This month, for Club of the Month October 2016, our spotlight falls on one of our newest club partners,

News: Club of the Month!

Our final Club of the Month award of 2020 goes to the Morris Marina Owners Club & Morris Ital Register! Started in 1984 by Frank Philips and Clive Higgins, in the year that the last Morris Ital was built, the Club has supported owners of the Morris Marina, Ital and all of its derivatives with its mission statement to ‘Inform –Preserve - Drive – Enjoy.’