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News: The BMW Neue Klasse – A Celebration

When Autocar evaluated the BMW 1800 Ti their conclusion is best described as ‘uber-1965’; "For the sporting driver who is denied a two-seater for family reasons we would put this 1800TI high on the list. Yet this car would appeal as much to the young (but rich) bachelor who enjoys his driving, knows how to handle a fast machine and most of all appreciates quality engineering."


1962 was the year of two crucial new MGs – the B and the marque’s first FWD car. The 1100 made its bow in October of that year, introducing motorists to the delights of the ‘Most Advanced MG of All Time'.


In late 1980 there was one question constantly asked by the nation’s racing enthusiasts, fans of The Professionals , and, to be quite honest, boy-racers - how could any FWD hatchback possible match the RS Escorts?


The British Film Institute’s database of free online viewing boasts cars to appeal to almost any enthusiast – and some of the most wonderfully bad acting since the last edition of Holby City.


As Father’s Day has just passed, I would like to celebrate the Talbot-Matra Mureena – a fine motor car and the latest in an extensive line of my own father’s ‘projects’.

News: Club of The Month – The Fiat Motor Club (GB)

The Fiat Motor Club (GB) is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the motoring enjoyment of its members. First starting out as the Fiat 500 club in 1948, the club has gone through another name change before deciding in 1963 after Fiat continued to expand its models on Fiat Motor Club (GB) and that it would cover all models old and new under the Fiat marque.

News: Do you remember the Renault 14?

Some cars seem destined never to make their mark on the British motorist, and one such is the Renault 14. On paper, it appeared to be an ideal rival to the Volkswagen Golf, but the 14 is seldom encountered in their homeland, and UK registered survivors are very rare.

News: Top Ten Affordable Coupes of the 1980s

Some of these fine coupes may often be seen at car shows across the country while others are rarer than a Bugatti Royale. Here are, in my opinion, the Top Ten Affordable Coupes of the 80s.

News: Gene Hunt: what would he have driven in the 1990s?

If TV super-cop Gene Hunt had operated in the 1990s, which car would have replaced the 1980s Audi Quattro?

News: Gene Hunt: what would he have driven in the 1990s

If TV super-cop Gene Hunt had operated in the 1990s, which car would have replaced the 1980s Audi Quattro?

News: DVD of the Week - Department S

DVD of the Week - Department S. Yes, whenever a case proves too baffling - or just too groovy - the authorities need the talents of Department S.

News: Super Saloons of the 80s

When it comes to the must-have classic cars, 2016 seems to be all about the hot hatch, but back in the 80s there was another breed of performance car on the road. We’re not talking of the sports cars such as the TVR 350, Lotus Esprit or the Toyota Supra, but the high performance saloon cars... These were known as ‘Q’ cars due to their understated looks and high performance, but they were guaranteed to leave Mr Hot Hatch in a trail of smoke at the lights.