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News: 50 Years of the Honda N360

In March 1967, Honda launched a new car that proved to be a key model in establishing the marque with car buyers around the world.

News: Lancaster Insurance sponsors Pride of Ownership at Practical Classics Restoration and Classic Car Show

A mixed trio of stunning classic cars are the first vehicles to be confirmed for the Pride of Ownership display, to be sponsored by Lancaster Insurance, at the Practical Classics Restoration and Classic Car Show, held 5-6 March at Birmingham’s NEC. A 1952 Humber Pullman Limousine, 1976 Citroen Ami Super Saloon and a stunning VW Camper Van have taken the first of the 20 places available for private entries.

News: Lancaster Insurance supports annual Mini Fair 2

On the 16th October, Mini enthusiasts will be out in full force for the annual Mini Fair 2 and Spares Day, organised by the British Mini Club. Lancaster Insurance is thrilled to be the sole insurance sponsor and attendee at the event, following on from becoming one of the clubs official insurance partners in March.

News: At The Sign Of The ‘Bloated Pacman’ – The Happy Eater

"If in my memory, at any rate, the Little Chefs seems to belong to a 1970s of Hillman Avenger Supers and educational trips to the Marchwood Power Station, then I associated the Happy Eater more with the 1980s." - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Top Gear – The Early Years

Sunday, March 1st marks the last of the current series of Top Gear - nearly 44 years after the first edition. Memories of the programme are often defined by the first presenter you recall, rather in the manner of your favourite Doctor Who. Some will recall Noel Edmonds, who seemed to really dislike the Strada and whose report incurred the wrath of Fiat GB. Others will always associate the programme with Chris Goffey. Sue Baker or Frank Pope. And, of course, there was the great William Woollard of subsequent "Woollarding" fame, seen here reviewing a Lada, an FSO, a Yugo and a Skoda.

News: Mazda MX-5 winner joined Brian Chandler on track day

On Friday 6th March John Williams, the winner of our MX-5 competition last year, joined Lancaster Insurance and Brian Chandler at Donington Park to test the Mazda at one of the most internationally renowned and historically significant circuits in the world.


In the 1950s a Morris Oxford belonged to the same comfortably secure realm as The Billy Cotton Band Show and Mrs Dale’s Diary – which is why the Series V caused alarm and consternation on its launch in March 1959.

News: Meet The Owner – Adrian Miller and his Vauxhall Viva HB SL90 Crayford Convertible

Last year we featured Adrian’s Viva De Luxe “Brabham” but, incredibly, this is not the rarest car in his collection. In March 1968, Crayford Engineering transformed five of the HB range into dropheads. Each was based on the SL90, finished in white and wore Cosmic Mk. I alloy wheels’. Luton officially approved the conversion, and they were distributed solely by the Leeds Vauxhall dealership Wallace Arnold.

News: Get your classic looking its best with our latest competition!

March brings with it the changing of the seasons, as we approach spring and hopefully warmer weather, and usually it signifies the start of the classic car season. Whilst we may have to wait a little longer to enjoy road trips in our classics, today we are launching our brand new competition which will hopefully bring a little cheer!


Picture the scene – a semi-detached villa somewhere in East Cheam on Wednesday 15th March 1961. You are glancing at The Daily Herald over breakfast with Housewives’ Choice playing on the BBC Light Programme in the background – and then you come to the motoring page. ‘0-100 mph in 15secs - that’s the new Jag’ reads the headline while, even more incredibly, the E-Type was capable of 150 mph.


“It was one of those March days, when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade”.

News: The Lancaster Workshop made a triumphant return to the NEC!

After three years long years, we returned to the Practical Classics Classic Car and Restoration Show on 18 - 20th March for a truly special weekend at the NEC in Birmingham, attended by over 25,000 enthusiasts.