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News: Club of The Month -June 17

June’s club of the month award goes to The Volkswagen Type 2 Owners Club. A fitting club and marque for the summer months as the camping season is in full swing and campers/enthusiasts begin to take part in road trips across the country!

News: Club of the month

November’s club of the month goes to MX-5 Owners’ Club! Established in 1994, the clubs aims are to promote the use and enjoyment of MX-5s, encourage safe driving and to create a friendly environment where owners can meet and exchange knowledge, ideas and experiences.

News: Club of the Month: July 2016

This month, for Club of the Month July 2016, we spotlight the Mk2 Golf Owners Club: a club dedicated to the preservation of all variants of the Volkswagen Golf & Jetta Mk2.

News: Club of the Month!

Our final Club of the Month award of 2020 goes to the Morris Marina Owners Club & Morris Ital Register! Started in 1984 by Frank Philips and Clive Higgins, in the year that the last Morris Ital was built, the Club has supported owners of the Morris Marina, Ital and all of its derivatives with its mission statement to ‘Inform –Preserve - Drive – Enjoy.’

News: What is the Sporting Bears Motor Club?

Classic cars are a source of joy for their owners – why not share that joy with children who are in need? That’s the idea behind Sporting Bears Motor Club, a group of classic car and sports car enthusiasts who come together to raise money for good causes and make children’s dreams come true.

News: Club of the month - Land Rover Series 3, 90 &110 Owners Club

Celebrating its’ 30th birthday in July this year, the Club started as a national enthusiast club for the Series 3 and later encompassed coil sprung 90 and 110 vehicles due to popular demand. Today, the Club caters for all models and members don’t necessarily have to own or drive a Landy to join, just have an interest in them!

News: Best VW owners clubs in the UK

Volkswagen has enjoyed the best of times of late. The German manufacturer has famously been involved in an emissions scandal which dates back to 2008 has so far cost the company €30bn (£25bn) – and it’s rising. But VW still has a strong fanbase – especially among classic car owners.

News: Club of the month - Mk1 Golf Owners Club

This month’s club of the month goes to the Mk1 Golf Owners Club, who were also the recipient of last year’s ‘Outstanding Use of Social Media’ at the 2017 National Car Club Awards!

News: Club of the month - Classic Camper Club

This month the accolade goes to the Classic Camper Club, which will celebrate its 30th birthday next year!

News: Club of the month

The Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain was founded in 1978 by and aims to bring together the 2CV community to enjoy their shared passion.

News: What is the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs FBHVC?

If it wasn’t for the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC), many classic car owners wouldn’t be able to drive their pride and joy on British roads. The Federation was created to uphold the freedom to use historic vehicles on the road, representing the interests of classic car owners to officials, politicians, and legislators.

News: Club of the month - MG Octagon Car Club

With more than 2,000 members in the UK and across the world, our Club of the Month is the MG Octagon Car Club.