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There is something undeniably imposing about a Ford Zodiac Mk. III. It is the sort of car that demands a camel-haired overcoat and a trilby hat, one for trips to Goodwood or at least a journey in style to the cash and carry.


The Ford stand at the 1959 Motor Show famously hosted the new Anglia, but it also featured an old favourite with a fresh set of badges. The 105E did not entirely succeed all of Dagenham’s small cars, for the Prefect was upgraded with the 997cc engine as the 107E while the “New Popular replaced the venerable “sit up and beg” 103E.


‘I tend to go for the rare’ observes Alan Drake but if anything, he is understating the exclusiveness of his 1979 Ford Granada.

News: Six Ford Capri MK.I Rivals

Imagine that you’d hailed a lift in a passing Tardis and the Doctor had kindly deposited you at the 1972 Earls Court Motor Show, together with sufficient funds to purchase a reasonably priced coupe that was not a Ford Capri.

News: Meet The Owner - David Brooks and his Ford Prefect 107E

When David Brooks takes his Ford Prefect 107E for a spin it inevitably attracts a great deal of attention – ‘it’s amazing the interest it gets. Quite often it’ is “my Dad had one” or “my Grandad had one”’.

News: The Ultimate Company Car? - Adrian Bowler's Ford Cortina GL MK.V

‘Petrol station trips can be interesting and long’, remarks Adrian Bowler, but this is only to be expected when you are the proud owner of a Ford Cortina 1.6 GL Mk. V.

News: An Arresting Triumph - Southend-on-Sea Police's TR4

The summer of 1962 and you are cruising down the A127 towards Southend-on-Sea in your new Sunbeam Alpine Series II. The hood is down, the sun is shining, and you are wearing a particularly tasteful cravat. In short, you have not a care in the world until you hear the unmistakable sound of a police car bell – only the vehicle seen in the rear view mirror is not an Austin Westminster but a Triumph TR4…

News: Car of the month: David Frost's 1966 Ford Mustang

On 17th April 1964, Henry Ford II unveiled a car at the New York World Fair, one that sold 22,000 units on that same day. It was, of course, the Mustang, the car Ford intended as ‘the working man’s Thunderbird’.

News: Join in Ford Capris’ 50th birthday celebrations with the Capri Club!

This year sees the Ford Capri celebrate its 50th birthday and The Capri Club is marking it in style.

News: 40 Years of the Ford Escort Harrier

Towards the end of the Escort Mk. II’s run, Ford introduced a spate of limited-edition versions. There was the Linnet, the Goldcrest and the Huntsman Estate; the last-named much appealed to my younger self with its list of extras that included ‘Halogen Driving Lights’ and ‘Tailgate Wash/Wipe’.

News: Meet the Owner - Lee Jones and his Austin 1100 Panda Car

If you watch virtually any British police drama of the 1970s, you might have the idea that every vehicle that was not a Flying Squad Ford Consul GT was a Rover P6B or a Triumph 2.5 PI Mk. II. However, one vehicle that was equally associated with law enforcement was the BLMC ADO16 Panda Car.

News: Car of the month: Andrew Bell's Ford Granada GL MK. I

‘A lot of people mention The Sweeney, and most assume it is the 3-litre - despite the badging on the wings’. But his splendid Ford is actually a 2-Litre G and, as it dates from April 1977, it is one of the last of examples of the Mk. I before the launch of the Mk. II.