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Retro Ford Club Breakdown

Here at Lancaster we're passionate about offering our customers products and services tailored to your needs, and understand that Club Members are at the core of the Classic Car industry, so we've worked with AXA Assistance to develop two individual breakdown policies which will cover classics and modern cars alike!


Forty years ago, a new Fuego would have provoked second glances. It is not just that it looked so different to the 15 and 17 that it replaced; it is also that the Renault appeared to hail from another age in comparison with the Ford Capri Mk. III or the Opel Manta B.

News: Club of the Month – The XR Owners Club

To celebrate the launch of our ‘win a 1984 Ford XR3i’ competition, our club of the month goes to The XR Owners Club. Formed in 1983 to bring together XR enthusiasts who share a common passion for the marque, the Club also caters for the Fiesta Supersport and the mk3 Escort 1.6i Cabriolet.


‘She’s a 1978 4 speed TS. The 5 speed came out May 1979, much to the chagrin of my father who bought her new’, remarks Michael Wrigley of his utterly magnificent one family Renault 20.

News: Club of the month: Morris Marina Owners’ Club

Frank Phillips and Clive Higgins founded the Morris Marina Owners’ Club, incorporating the Morris Ital Register, in 1985 and has supported owners of the Morris Marina, Ital and all of its derivatives ever since.

News: Club Of The Month - Mini Cooper Register

It’s a big year for Mini as it’s celebrating its 60th anniversary and we’re delighted to announce the Mini Cooper Register (MCR) as our March club of the month!

News: Club Of The Month - Lotus Drivers Club

Our club of the month goes to the Lotus Drivers Club! Founded over 40 years ago, the club has a presence in numerous counties up and down the country and its philosophy is embedded in its name - to get members and enthusiasts out and driving their Lotus at every opportunity.

News: Club Of The Month - The Jaguar XJS Club

Formed in 2012, the Jaguar XJS is a relatively new club on the scene and is passionate about raising the profile of the marque.

News: Club of the month – Talbot Express Owners Club & Forum

For owners seeking technical expertise on a Talbot Express, the Talbot Express Owners Club & Forum should be your first point of call for the sheer breadth of knowledge and experience.

News: Club Of The Month - The Jaguar Drivers' Club

This month’s accolade goes to The Jaguar Drivers' Club. Formed in 1956, the clubs’ headquarters are in Luton and it is the only Jaguar club officially recognised by Sir William Lyons.

News: Club of the month: BMW Car Club of Great Britain

In the year that sees two BMW anniversaries, 50 years of the 2002 and the E3 "New Six" saloon, our February club of the month goes to ‘BMW Car Club of Great Britain’.

News: Club of The Month – The Fiat Motor Club (GB)

The Fiat Motor Club (GB) is dedicated to enhancing and promoting the motoring enjoyment of its members. First starting out as the Fiat 500 club in 1948, the club has gone through another name change before deciding in 1963 after Fiat continued to expand its models on Fiat Motor Club (GB) and that it would cover all models old and new under the Fiat marque.