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News: The Story Of 200 FGN

Picture the scene – the year is 1963 it is wet, cold and your Hillman Minx Series III De Luxe has failed to proceed one October evening.

News: From 1984 – The 35th Anniversary Hall’ – More Details of NEC Classic Celebrations Revealed

As 2019 marks the 35th anniversary of the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, the organisers have chosen to theme Hall 8 as ‘From 1984 - The 35th Anniversary Hall’. Held at Birmingham’s NEC from 8-10 November, this part of the show is dedicated to marques, models and clubs that have appeared since 1984.

News: Seventy Years of the Bond - The Original British Minicar

Stan Cornock of the Bond Owners’ Club is more than familiar with the myths surrounding the Minicar, not least because he has been driving them ‘since 1958’.

News: Meet the owner - James Ross Sinclair and his Volvo 343

For many years, James Ross Sinclair craved a Volvo 343 and so XRU 557Y recently joined his Triumph 2000 Mk. II and his Renault 10. ‘I have an odd almost unexplainable liking for them. Partly the multicultural background, partly the DAF history, the questionable British snob value of a small Volvo, the odd design - and they are genuinely fun to drive too’.

News: Meet the owner - Liam Dover and his Austin A105 Vanden Plas

‘A lot don’t know what it is. Or have never heard of an A105 Vanden Plas and are shocked. But everyone loves them - young and old’.

News: Our top tips for keeping your classic car secure

Car thefts have risen rapidly in the last five years, putting a greater emphasis on ensuring you are doing all you can to keep your pride and joy secure and in your possession.

News: Is my classic car eligible for MOT and road tax exemption?

You may have heard about the MOT and road tax perks of owning a classic car, but you might be unsure whether you can benefit from them. By the end of this article, you’ll know whether or not you’re eligible for MOT and road tax exemption, and how to declare your classic car as exempt.

News: Five Lancaster Insurance’s Special Edition Top Trumps packs to include exclusive golden ticket

To celebrate this year’s theme, attendees to the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery have the opportunity to buy a special edition Classic Car Top Trumps pack.

News: Lancaster Insurance announces specialist scheme

Lancaster Insurance has expanded its portfolio and can now arrange insurance for everyday vehicles for customers who also insure their classic car with them.

News: Built to Last – The Peugeot 404

As the theme for this year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show is “Built to Last”, what car merits this description more than the Peugeot 404? It is the sort of vehicle that you would encounter across the world long after its production ceased.

News: Billing Off-Road Show 2018

This weekend is the Billing Off-Road Show 2018 in Northampton and this year’s show is set to be more special than usual! In celebration of Land Rover’s 70th anniversary, this year will see the show organisers and Land Rover Monthly attempt to set a new world record for the Largest parade of Land Rovers! We are supporting them in their quest for glory and our very own Dave Youngs, Lancaster's Car Club Manager, and Andrew Baron, one of Lancaster's Insurance Technicians, will be joining the convoy in a new Discovery. The figure to set is 633 and if you’d like to join in the fun and unite with other enthusiasts, sign up here.

News: 40 Years of The Citroen Visa

There is one particular detail of the early Visa that remains in the minds of all who encountered them back in in 1978.