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News: Classic cars and their modern counterparts

It might be your favourite family hatchback, born in the 1970s and now into its eighth generation. Or it could be an iconic design from the 1950s that got a cute modern reinterpretation for the 21st Century.

News: 10 of the best grand tourers

Run your eyes down any of those '50 most beautiful cars of all time' lists, and you'll find that most of the models included fit into one of two categories: sports cars and grand tourers.

News: Our 50 favourite classics of all time

Contentious? Probably. Subjective? Utterly. Chock full of the most memorable cars in automotive history? Most certainly. Strap in for our list of 50 favourite classics of all time...

News: How to plan a classic trip to Jersey

Nestled just a few miles off the French coast, but decidedly British in feel, the island of Jersey makes an excellent weekend or week-long break. What’s more, a classic car is the very best way to take in its charms.


At Lancaster Insurance we’re hoping every classic enthusiast gets all they wish for under the tree this Christmas, but if you can’t squeeze a Ferrari 250 GTO next to the boxes of mince pies, why not try these for an extra special stocking filler?


What compiling a list of cars that now appear to have almost vanished, one question kept recurring to this writer - i.e. when I did last see a Primera? In fact, it comes as a faint surprise to recall that Nissan displayed the prototype at the 1989 Tokyo Motor Show as the Primera always seems a car associated with the ‘nineties, a vehicle for the John Major years as opposed to the late Margaret Thatcher era.

News: Best classic cars for dog lovers

So, you want to combine two of your life passions: dogs and classic cars. Specifically, you want a classic car that has plenty of vintage appeal but that also provides a safe and enjoyable ride for your beloved canine.

News: Our favourite classic Peugeots

We've said it before and we'll say it again: French cars are big on style. For much of its history, though, Peugeot was perhaps the exception that proved the rule: many a 1950s, 1960s or 1970s Peugeot was more about practicality than panache.

News: 10 of the best road-going rally cars

Rallying's 1980s and 1990s heyday produced a whole new type of performance car: the homologation special. These were road-going versions of the snarling rally champions that their makers had to produce in sufficient numbers for the latter to qualify for racing.

News: Classic Hondas we love

Something similar can be said of Honda, which in its relatively short history (it only properly came into being in 1949) has dedicated itself to some quite brilliant feats of engineering, whether out on the F1 track or in the car showroom.


Ninety years ago, Meccano Ltd. unveiled their range of ‘Hornby Modelled Miniatures’ as companions to their O Gauge railways.  However, by April 1934, the firm branded them as ‘Dinky Toys’, and they dispensed with the suffix was dropped in the following year.

News: 10 reasons to visit the British Motor Museum

In short, the museum is a must-see for anyone interested in the cars that we have produced over the decades – and, of course, for all fans of classic and vintage cars. Which includes us here at Lancaster Classic Car Insurance and, we imagine, many of our customers.