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News: The Austin A110 Westminster at Sixty

When BMC introduced its second generation of ‘Big Farinas’ in late 1961, the Austin A110 Westminster immediately appealed to the nation’s bank managers. It was more formal than a Ford Zodiac Mk.


FIVE BRITISH LEYLAND SPECIAL EDITION CARS Or five familiar Leyland cars in very exclusive guises…

News: Best classic Volvos

Think 'Volvo' and, as likely as not, something very particular comes to mind – a boxy, sturdy estate car, quite possibly from the 1980s. Perhaps not the sexiest thing ever built, but definitely with its own chunky, bulletproof charm.

News: Best car shows to visit in 2022

There’s a wealth of wonderful car shows scheduled for 2022 across the UK. These events make a wonderful day out for any car enthusiast: aside from the rows of beautiful vehicles, there's the chance to meet and chat with fellow enthusiasts and perhaps pick up that bit of essential advice or elusive part you've been hunting for.

News: 30 sensational cars from the 1970s

Wedgy, angular bodies; pop-up headlights; strange slats whose sole purpose seemed to be to look space-agey and cool – yes, the 1970s were a captivating era for car design. Here are 30 iconic 1970s motors which should all be protected with classic car insurance.

News: Cars that use the same parts

Developing a new car is a seriously expensive business. The amount of resources that must be poured into research and development, production, testing, marketing and all the other essential stages of car production can test even the largest car makers.

News: The MG Midget turns 60

We're currently wishing a very happy diamond anniversary to a very iconic British car. Yes, the MG Midget turned 60 in 2021, its first generation having hit UK showrooms way back in 1961.

News: Best selling cars from the 90s

From the deliciously fun Mazda MX-5 to that driving school favourite, the Mk2 Nissan Micra, the 1990s gave us plenty of engaging, characterful cars (and more than its fair share of barnstorming sports cars, too). Here are some of the decade's best sellers.

News: 27 fast facts about the Hillman Imp

The Imp incorporated a few design features that were quite ahead of their time for the early 1960s. Features such as a folding rear bench seat, temperature, voltage and oil pressure gauges, and an automatic choke wouldn't catch on in the wider car market until the 1970s.

News: Best days out for motor enthusiasts

The classic car community is so welcoming to new owners. So if you’re looking to share your passion with like-minded folk this year, try one of these top days out for motoring enthusiasts.


“It was one of those March days, when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade”.