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There are some cars whose line-ups make the plot of the average Alfred Hitchcock film appear comparatively straightforward, and the W114/W115 range belongs in this elite category along with the Citroën DS and the Triumph 1300/1500/Toledo/Dolomite.

News: Nice Cars - Shame About The Film

There is a select group of British films in which the viewer thinks a) what great cars b) the poor cast and c) I have just wasted at least 70 minutes of my life on this utter tripe. Here are just seven pictures which are always worth watching for various Jaguars, Triumphs or Wolseleys, even if they have the dramatic impact of the BBC Test Card. Enjoy….

News: Lancaster's Top Five Blogs From May

We understand it's important to spread awareness of the classic car industry and pass on information to the future classic car generation! Working with renowned classic car enthusiast Andy Roberts, we've selected our top five blogs of the month from May.

News: Review: TriumFest and Retro Show LIVE, 2 -3 July

A team from Lancaster Insurance visited Santa Pod Raceway for TriumFest and Retro Show LIVE on the weekend of the 2nd and 3rd of July for a celebration of all things Triumph!

News: Mazda MX-5 winner joined Brian Chandler on track day

On Friday 6th March John Williams, the winner of our MX-5 competition last year, joined Lancaster Insurance and Brian Chandler at Donington Park to test the Mazda at one of the most internationally renowned and historically significant circuits in the world.

News: Do You Remember - The Morris 1800 MK.1?

In the 1960s the British Motor Corporation was renowned – or notorious, depending on your point of view – for its “badge-engineering”. This would occasionally result in some very short-lived modes, such as the Morris 1800 Mk. I, which debuted in 1966 and lasted only until the launch of the Mk. II “Landcrab” in 1968.

News: The Corona Rt40 – The First Toyota In Britain

The 1965 London Motor Show was full with exciting new models; the Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow, the Aston Martin DB6, the Vauxhall Cresta PC, the Triumph 1300 and the MGB GT. There was also a quartet from a Japanese firm named Toyota. The entry-level Corona saloon cost £790 16ds 11d, the three-door station wagon £843 14s, the 1600S four-door £1,077 4s 10d and the 1600S Coupe £1,194 3d.


Of all the many motor-cars associated with the late HRH The Duke of Edinburgh, perhaps the most famous is his Lagonda 3-Litre Drophead. It was a vehicle renowned for its performance, comfort, and, most notably, an innate sense of gravitas in its heyday.

News: Our favourite classic Skodas

Like some other classic car brands – hello Triumph, Rover, Peugeot – the Czech automotive giant Skoda started out producing bicycles. For much of the 20th Century, however, Skoda produced a series of well-liked, affordable cars for the Czech domestic market and beyond.


The overseas marketing of a British car under a different name is a widespread phenomenon. US motorists were offered the ‘Austin Marina’ and Triumph badged Standards while Chrysler promoted the Hillman Avenger as the ‘Plymouth Cricket’.

News: What a weekend our ‘Great British Road Trip’ to the 2021 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show turned out to be!

What a weekend our ‘Great British Road Trip’ to the 2021 Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show turned out to be! The event, which took place on 12th – 14th November, was attended by around 63,000 enthusiasts over the three days, marking a triumphant return after last year’s postponement due to Covid.

News: Do's and dont's of classic barn finds

Like many other vintage motoring fans, the news about 174 classic cars being revealed in a massive North London warehouse got us properly excited here at Lancaster. Standout cars from the enormous haul of vehicles included a Triumph Stag, several vintage VW campers, a handful of R107 Mercedes SL convertibles and a lovely BMW 2002, the 3 Series' 1970s predecessor.