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News: 'Puff the Magic Wagon’ stars with Lancaster Insurance at the Classic Motor Show

Lancaster Insurance will embrace the post Covid state of excitement amongst classic car enthusiasts from all over the world, as the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show with discovery+,hits the NEC this November.

News: 10 of the best grand tourers

Run your eyes down any of those '50 most beautiful cars of all time' lists, and you'll find that most of the models included fit into one of two categories: sports cars and grand tourers.

News: 10 bargain roadsters ready for next summer

Next summer is still a little way off, which makes now the perfect time to invest in an affordable two-seater convertible...

News: The Cars of Cannonball Run

When it came out in 1981, the action comedy film The Cannonball Run was a huge box-office success. And it's not at all hard to see why – the film’s combination of an all-star cast, a simple but exciting storyline (an illegal road race across America) and some of the most desirable cars of its era more or less guaranteed huge ticket sales.

News: Our favourite seven-seater classic cars

There has always been a need to carry larger families around. During the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s, these mass-transport duties were carried out by big, sturdy estates, many of them French. Later, people carriers (or MPVs) entered the fray, joined more recently by a new generation of seven-seater SUVs.

News: 10 of the best classic Renaults

When it comes to adventurous styling, the French marques – Peugeot, Citroen, Renault and others – have always been at the forefront of things.

News: Best days out for motor enthusiasts

The classic car community is so welcoming to new owners. So if you’re looking to share your passion with like-minded folk this year, try one of these top days out for motoring enthusiasts.

News: Best Ford car clubs

From the elegant Zodiac to the swaggering Mk3 Cortina, Ford has produced some stunning cars over the past few decades. Each and every one of these classic Fords has a devoted fan and owner community of its own – and each of those communities is centred on a thriving owners' club.

News: 25 endangered classics

The BMW E30, the first-gen Mazda MX-5, the Mini: all classic cars from decades past that you will still see in decent numbers on the roads today. Some old cars just survive well like this, whether it's thanks to a cult following (the E30), doing something extremely well (the MX-5) or just being chock full of charm and character (the Mini).

News: Best car factory tours in the UK and Europe

For many true petrolheads, buying, owning, driving and maintaining a car – while hugely rewarding – isn't quite enough. No, if you are a genuine car nut, you want to go a bit further than this – you want to see how these marvels of technology and locomotion actually come into existence.

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