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News: Classic car rallies around the world

There are some quite incredible classic car rallies to be found out there. As long as your classic car is up to the challenge (rallies can be quite the endurance test), you should really consider participating in one. But where?

Camper Round the Coast

To mark the 70th anniversary of the start of production of VW’s Type 2 Camper, we’ve teamed up with Practical Classics on a special charity project. We’ve bought a 1979 VW Type 2 and the PC team will be restoring it to its former glory.

News: Coronavirus and your car insurance - Lancaster Insurance is here to support you

For many, spring signifies starting the engine of our classics and looking forward to the season ahead. This year, however, we understand enthusiasts will be unsure when they’ll be able to do this. We’ve been receiving a lot of queries from club members during this time, so Andrew Evanson, Senior Operations Manager at Lancaster Insurance, answers a number of these questions.


As a child growing up in rural Hampshire in the early 1970s, there was a select group of cars that seemed to exemplify an impossibly remote world of glamour. Admittedly, I was raised in a village where Marty Wilde was still regarded as a young Teddy Boy and watching BBC2 a sign of dangerous radicalism. The fact that my family ran a succession of near wrecks also shaped my views concerning automotive excellence. At that time I classed any vehicle where the passenger door did not actually fall off as a “luxury car”.

News: When Did You Last See – A Vauxhall Royale Coupe?

John Worth’s splendid Royale Coupe is a ‘not quite one family’ car. It belonged to his father ‘until 1985. He liked six-cylinder Vauxhalls, needed a hatchback and four seats - and enough towing capacity for a horsebox’.

News: Top tips for reversing a motorhome

Manoeuvring a motorhome on Britain’s busy roads can be a challenge at the best of times. Narrow, congested lanes can mean getting your motorhome from A to B takes a fair amount of skill and precision.

Useful Links

Useful Links

News: Affordable classics from the 90s

Nostalgia for the 90s is in full swing at the moment – it’s enough to make those of us old enough to vividly remember the decade feel very old indeed.

News: Ways you can save money when taking out insurance

If your insurance is up for renewal, we’d encourage you to give the team a call directly to discuss your circumstances. As a specialist classic broker, we truly understand the industry and can offer a number of benefits with our policies including a two year agreed value option, vital protection such as salvage retention options and choice of repairer are available.

Top Trumps £25 Discount Offer - Terms and Conditions

Top Trumps £25 Discount Offer - Terms and Conditions


As road traffic is now reduced to 1955 levels, here is a glimpse into a lost world.


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