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News: 'Puff the Magic Wagon’ stars with Lancaster Insurance at the Classic Motor Show

Lancaster Insurance will embrace the post Covid state of excitement amongst classic car enthusiasts from all over the world, as the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show with discovery+,hits the NEC this November.

News: Celebrating the iconic Mini Cooper

If any car sums up the sheer joy, excitement and pure fun associated with owning a classic vehicle, then surely the Mini Cooper is right at the top of the list. The iconic ‘60’s racer immortalised in the 1969 Michael Caine caper, The Italian Job, has delighted fans and owners alike on the open roads and on the racetrack for more than 60 years.


The 1988 Motor Show at the NEC marked the arrival of a new marque to British motorists, albeit one whose products resembled a 1983 Mitsubishi Lancer Fiore. Here was a car that promised “Japanese Technology, Malaysian Style”, at a very reasonable price.


One of the rarest versions of the Morris Marina was never available in the UK. 1973 saw the Australian-built Red Six debut, with power from a 2.6-litre version of the E-Series engine. Today, Don, who resides in New Zealand, owns a very rare example of one of BL’s most intriguing models.

News: Our favourite classic Skodas

Like some other classic car brands – hello Triumph, Rover, Peugeot – the Czech automotive giant Skoda started out producing bicycles. For much of the 20th Century, however, Skoda produced a series of well-liked, affordable cars for the Czech domestic market and beyond.

News: Our top 10 ‘must do’ Classic Motor Show activities!

There’s only two more days to go until the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show 2021 opens this Friday 12th November. To help you decide whether or not to book a last minute ticket for the event , we’ve compiled our top 10 list of activities that will be taking place at the show over the weekend...

News: Best driving roads in the world

The definition of a brilliant driving road can come down to a few different factors. Some routes are the products of some truly stunning feats of engineering, of the heroic ways in which humanity has pitted itself against nature.


On Saturday 23 July 1977, ITV viewers were treated to a new commercial in the commercial break of Mr and Mrs. None other than Petula Clark informed the world that the Chrysler Sunbeam would “put a smile on your face”...

News: Campervan adventures to have this autumn

While those warm, sunny months are now very much in the rear-view mirror, autumn has plenty going for it – namely Halloween, Bonfire Night and a whole host of Christmas festivities! It also represents one more opportunity to get out in your campervan before the year is out and winter takes hold.

News: Classic cars and their modern counterparts

It might be your favourite family hatchback, born in the 1970s and now into its eighth generation. Or it could be an iconic design from the 1950s that got a cute modern reinterpretation for the 21st Century.

News: 10 of the best grand tourers

Run your eyes down any of those '50 most beautiful cars of all time' lists, and you'll find that most of the models included fit into one of two categories: sports cars and grand tourers.

News: Our 50 favourite classics of all time

Contentious? Probably. Subjective? Utterly. Chock full of the most memorable cars in automotive history? Most certainly. Strap in for our list of 50 favourite classics of all time...