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News: Andy Roberts Shares his Restoration Show Highlights 2017

Where else but at The Practical Classics Classic Car & Restoration Show are you likely to find not one but three Austin Ambassadors, all of them the flagship Vanden Plas version, and a 1975 Wolseley-badged blue Wedge?

News: That Was The Year That Was: Classic Memories of 2016

"What, you may reasonably ask, does Carry On Cabby have to do with any end-of-the-year classic round up? The answer is simply that today I was thinking about the moment that I first became interested in the world of old cars, which I can trace more or less directly to the 7th and probably best, in my opinion, Carry On ever made being screened on BBC2.... Here is That Was The Year That Was: My Classic Memories of 2016" - Written by Andy Roberts

News: So Macho? 40 Years Of The Matra Rancho

"To start 2017 in style, I’d like to mark the 40th anniversary of one of my all-time favourite classic cars, one that mesmerised my younger self... The Matra Rancho" - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Top Five Vanishing Family Cars

"There comes a moment in the life-cycle of many previously popular cars when they almost vanish overnight and looking at the ‘How Many Left’ website is almost as depressing as watching Take the High Road. Then you start to think when you last saw a Rover 600, a Vauxhall Cavalier Mk.2 or a Citroen BX?" - Written by Andy Roberts

News: This Week’s Star Prize! – 1980s Quiz Show Cars

"Ah, the lost world of the 1980’s ITV quiz – glitter, tinsel and the chance to win a Ford Fiesta Popular. On a BBC game show, victors might have left with ‘a selection of board games’ and even on the commercial channel there was heavy restrictions on prize values until 1993. Happily, for the motoring enthusiast, this frequently resulted in a splendid array of Lada 1200s and the like." - Written by Andy Roberts

News: 50 Years of the Viva HB

We look back at the Viva HB at 50. - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: The Magnificent Seven Microcars

The Magnificent Seven Microcars... Or, a wholly and utterly subjective list of my very favourite microcars – all very different and all with industrial levels of charm! - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: Top Ten 4-Seater Coupes

Do you dread the thought of leaking hoods and malfunctioning heaters as autumn approaches? Then have no fear of frost or damp as we present a list of our Top Ten 4-Seater Coupes! - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: The Škoda Estelle At 40

If in the late 1970s you were in the market for a new car, needed four doors and a reasonably sized cabin, but had only the funds for a Mini 850, you may well have been attracted to the Škoda Estelle. - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: 35 Years Of The Triumph Acclaim

At classic shows, I occasionally encounter those cars with the instant power to return me to the time of three channel television, Adam Ant and Diana Dors in the Prince Charming video and when the Sony C7 video-recorder was a major status symbol. The 35 year-old Triumph Acclaim, launched on the 7th October 1981 and promising ‘sheer driving pleasure’ is one such vehicle. - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: 30 Years Of The Jaguar XJ40

Was it really 30 years ago that Jaguar launched one of its most important ever models? Take My Breath Away was apparently being played on the hour by every radio station, ITV was still screening 3-2-1 to non-discriminating viewers and, on 8th October 1986, the XJ40 was unveiled. - Written by Andy Roberts.

News: 50 Years Of The Baron – And The ‘Itc White Jaguar’

In 1965 ITC, the television production company that specialised in men of mystery pursuing fez-wearing villains across ‘Somewhere foreign’ (aka Elstree Studios’ car park), commenced filming of The Baron. This was their first colour adventure show and it co-starred Steve Forrest as one John Mannering, a square-jawed antiques dealer/solver of crimes, with an Oyster Grey Jensen CV8 Mk. II. - Written by Andy Roberts.