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News: Meet the Owner: Geoff Taylor and his 1978 Austin Allegro 1500 Special LE

Limited edition cars tend to fall into one of three categories. There are those made to commemorate the demise of a long-running or even iconic model. There are those built to clear the showrooms before the launch of a significant new model or at least an elaborate facelift.


The year is 1951, and one of the star attractions of the London Motor Show is the latest small Austin. Countless visitors to Earls Court marvelled at the ‘chassis less’ construction – a ‘first’ for Longbridge, the smart lines and the new 803cc OHV engine.

News: Police cars through the years

Over the decades, the UK’s police forces have patrolled our roads in a huge variety of vehicles. From the humble Morris Minor to the luxury barge that is today’s fourth-generation Range Rover, and from the pootling Austin Allegro to the lightning-quick Rover SD1 3500, vehicles of all sizes, speeds and spec levels have been used by our various regional law and order forces.


Any Austin A55 Cambridge Mk. II is a splendid machine, but Steve’s example is particularly notable as his granddad purchased it new in 1961...

News: Club of Month - The Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain

The Deux Chevaux Club of Great Britain, or 2CVGB, is a friendly and knowledgeable group, of all ages and backgrounds, dedicated to preserving, restoring and enjoying Citroën A-Series models.

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Denmark is deservedly one of Europe’s top locations when it comes to campervan holidays and it’s not hard to see why, with a terrific range of activities and landscapes to explore.

News: Quick guide to classic wheels

When it comes to your classic car, every detail matters. That’s why, if you decide you want to change the wheels, it’s a big decision.

News: The best classic car owners’ clubs to join this year (Part 2)

Here at Lancaster, we have been supporting car clubs for the last three decades. We love the camaraderie between owners, meeting lifelong friends and sharing vital tips and knowledge about the vehicles we love the most.

News: Classic cars made in Coventry

To celebrate Coventry's year as UK City of Culture 2021, we decided to look into the city's illustrious motor manufacturing history.

News: 15 reasons why we love the Vauxhall Chevette

Arriving on the scene in the middle of the 1970s (1st May 1975, to be precise), the Chevette heralded a new departure for Vauxhall, its clean, simple looks a world away from the more elaborate styling of the Victor and Cresta from the 1960s.


What was the Car of The Year for 1976? The BMW 3 Series? The Renault 30TS? No, it was the Chrysler Alpine, a most underrated vehicle and only the second British-built five-door FWD hatchback after the Austin Maxi.

News: The best fibreglass cars

Since its debut in the 1953, first-generation Chevrolet Corvette, fibreglass has played a small but significant role in the history of car production.