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News: Club of the month – Blackpool Thunder Car Club

Launched this month (July), Blackpool Thunder is a TVR club for the 21st Century. Spearheaded by Steve Charlesworth, Alex Leith and Howard Bryan, the club is run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and welcomes all TVR owners and fans.

News: Club of the month - Classic Camper Club

This month the accolade goes to the Classic Camper Club, which will celebrate its 30th birthday next year!

News: Club Of The Month - The Jaguar Drivers' Club

This month’s accolade goes to The Jaguar Drivers' Club. Formed in 1956, the clubs’ headquarters are in Luton and it is the only Jaguar club officially recognised by Sir William Lyons.

News: Club of the month

Our accolade this month goes to the Traction Owners Club. The clubs’ aim is to promote interest in all pre-1957 water cooled Citroën cars including rear wheel drive models and the iconic front wheel drive Traction Avant.

News: Billing Off-Road Show 2018

This weekend is the Billing Off-Road Show 2018 in Northampton and this year’s show is set to be more special than usual! In celebration of Land Rover’s 70th anniversary, this year will see the show organisers and Land Rover Monthly attempt to set a new world record for the Largest parade of Land Rovers! We are supporting them in their quest for glory and our very own Dave Youngs, Lancaster's Car Club Manager, and Andrew Baron, one of Lancaster's Insurance Technicians, will be joining the convoy in a new Discovery. The figure to set is 633 and if you’d like to join in the fun and unite with other enthusiasts, sign up here.

News: Club of the Month: August 2016

This month, for Club of the Month August 2016, our spotlight falls on the DeLorean Club UK.

News: Club of the Month: September 2016

This month, for Club of the Month September 2016, our spotlight falls on the MR2 Drivers’ Club.

News: Interview with Andrew Misseldine, our Car Club team liaison

With this year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show only a month away, we’ve caught up with some of the Lancaster team to find out what makes the show so special to them. First off is Andrew Misseldine, our Car Club team liaison. Andrew has been with us for over 20 years and is a season regular at the show!

News: Club of the Month - The Talbot Owners' Club

2018 has been a fantastic year for this month’s club of the month, the Talbot Owners’ Club, with awards a plenty, starting with Octane’s Magazine Historic Motoring Award for Club of the Year and last month taking the Most Improved Magazine at the Classic & Sports Car Club awards, supported by Lancaster Insurance.

News: Club of the Month – The XR Owners Club

To celebrate the launch of our ‘win a 1984 Ford XR3i’ competition, our club of the month goes to The XR Owners Club. Formed in 1983 to bring together XR enthusiasts who share a common passion for the marque, the Club also caters for the Fiesta Supersport and the mk3 Escort 1.6i Cabriolet.

News: Club Of The Month - Mini Cooper Register

It’s a big year for Mini as it’s celebrating its 60th anniversary and we’re delighted to announce the Mini Cooper Register (MCR) as our March club of the month!

News: Club of the Month: April 17

Lancaster Insurance is pleased to reveal the XR Owners Club as April’s club of the month! We awarded the XR3i April’s the car of the month, following the launch of our #ClassicRumble charity initiative… so it’s only fitting that the XR marque takes the club award.