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News: 9 fast facts about the Lamborghini Miura

As far as most people are concerned – including ourselves – the Lamborghini Miura is one of the best cars ever designed.

News: 8 of the best mid-engine classics

There’s nothing middle of the road about a mid-engine motor. Many high-end sports cars have their engines in front of the rear axle, making for a vehicle that’s supremely easy to handle even at top speed.

News: The Allegro From Italy - The Innocenti Regent

You are looking at one of the more exclusive cars to hail from Italy – one that is now less seldom encountered than a Ferrari Testarossa and rarer than Lamborghini Espada.

News: The Autoism Charitable Car Meet

You know that you are definitely middle-aged when not only police officers, but DJs, actors and even politicians start to look young.

News: The most amazing classic cars

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. So, trying to come up with a list of the most amazing classic cars is fraught with subjectivity. But we think you’re sure to agree with at least a couple of the cars we’ve selected on this list.

News: Why some people still adore classic cars

People who have never owned a classic car may wonder what all the fuss is about. They’re inconvenient, they break down, and they’re not as safe as today’s modern motors, with their high tech air bags and crumple zones.

News: Classic cars of the 60s

The ‘swinging 60's’ was a memorable decade with a lot of firsts, Beatlemania and a very famous job in Italy. Here we profile some iconic events, moments and equally special cars that bring a wide smile to our faces whenever we think of them.

News: 5 classic cars with crazy doors

Not all doors are created equal. While many of us know only the standard car door (supercar owners aside), there have been some innovative (some might call them crazy) attempts over the years to switch things up – with varying degrees of success, we might add.

News: Best classic car designers

As classic car enthusiasts, we are indebted to the many brilliant automotive designers who have given us our passion – without their unique vision, ideals and principles, we’d have nothing to get excited about. All cars would be one of the same, destined for the scrap heap at the end of their life, rather than carefully preserved as so many historic vehicles are today.

News: How to plan a classic Italian Job-style road trip

What comes to mind when you think of the classic British film, The Italian Job? Michael Caine – certainly. The Swinging Sixties – for sure. And classic cars. Lots and lots of classic cars!

News: The car’s the star – classic cars in films

A movie appearance can do wonders for a car. As well as making it a more desirable object, it can put some serious value on a vehicle.

News: Classic cars that turn 50 in 2021

From the invention of the microprocessor and the opening of Disney World to decimalisation in the UK, 1971 was a vintage year for a whole host of reasons. And many of these technological and cultural changes were also mirrored in the world of car design and production. Many car makers dropped the chrome radiator grills and wood and leather interiors of the 1960s in favour of American coke-bottle styling and black plastic.