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In the 1960s, advertisements for the 404 might contain the phrase ‘wins again!’, for the mighty Peugeot took first place in the East African Safari no fewer than four times.

News: 30 Years of The Peugeot 405

Park Gate in the 1980s was a Hampshire village in which, generally speaking, nothing happened. The local newspaper’s headlines were usually variations on the theme of ‘Jar of Robinson’s Marmalade Stolen from Post Office’. But, one day in July 1989, excitement arrived – my father’s Ford Orion Ghia was replaced by a red Peugeot 405 1.9 GR.


Some new cars manage to anticipate the future and make many of its rivals look archaic; the Citroën DS in 1959, the Mini in 1959, the Fiat 128 in 1969 and the Audi 100 C3 in 1982. And when Peugeot unveiled their latest small hatchback in February 1983, there was a sense that “The 1980s” really had commenced. Even after 38 years, Gérard Welter’s styling barely dates, and for an idea of the 205’s impact in the UK, picture a bright red GR amidst a sea of second-hand Ford Cortina Mk. Vs and Talbot Solaras.


Trivia question; what was the first Peugeot to be made in the UK? Despite popular mythology, it was not the 405 but the 309, one of the most overlooked models to wear the lion badge...


In the early 1970s, Paul Thompson was an apprentice at a Peugeot dealer, and one of the regular customers drove a 304 Cabriolet. “I sat in it at dinner time, and that’s when I promised myself I’d get one, one day - but on £14 a week I thought it would have to stay a dream.”

Classic Peugeot Insurance

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News: Do You Remember - The Peugeot 204 and 304?

Today, if you ask the average classic enthusiast to name a FWD Peugeot with a three-digit number commencing with “2”, the odds are he or she will name the 205.

News: Built to Last – The Peugeot 404

As the theme for this year’s Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show is “Built to Last”, what car merits this description more than the Peugeot 404? It is the sort of vehicle that you would encounter across the world long after its production ceased.

News: Do You Remember – The Peugeot 104?

The first Peugeot I can remember was a small and extremely smart hatchback darting amongst the red and cream Leyland Atlantean buses and Morris Oxford taxis of downtown Southampton back in the mid-1970s.

News: Peugeot 205 GTi – a modern classic

Looking back on the 1980s, there were certainly some design disasters but also design triumphs in the world of car manufacture. With their bold, attractive looks and great performance, the hot hatchback has to be one of the high points!

News: Peugeot 205 buyers' guide

The early to mid-1980s were a brilliant time for superminis. October 1980 brought us the iconic Austin Metro, with its legion of celebrity fans including the then Lady Diana Spencer: the second-generation VW Polo came exactly a year later.

News: Our favourite classic Peugeots

We've said it before and we'll say it again: French cars are big on style. For much of its history, though, Peugeot was perhaps the exception that proved the rule: many a 1950s, 1960s or 1970s Peugeot was more about practicality than panache.