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‘When we bring her out the amount of people that come up and start asking about it…’ remarks Chris about the Cimitan family’s Fiat. And this is hardly surprising, as any 127 is now a very unusual sight – let alone the third-generation GT 1300.

News: Top 10 Beach Cars

The top 10 beach cars.. or if you prefer, ten cars that help to make a successful vacation. In chronological order, we have:

News: Cars I Learnt to Drive In

In recent weeks I’ve spotted an Audi A1, BMW 123d and a new Mini Cooper as driving instructor vehicles in my local town. Feeling rather cheated as I passed my driving test in a battered Vauxhall Corsa just eight years ago, I shared my bewilderment with work colleagues who were only too happy to reminisce about the cars they learnt to drive in.


2020 sees the 35th anniversary of one of the rarest cars in Britain – just one Turbo I.E. remains on the road: - and it is a Fiat that is unfairly overlooked. The Croma is the third member of the “Tipo Quattro” -Type 4 - family, following the Lancia Thema and the Saab 9000, but pre-dating the Alfa Romeo 164.

News: Classic cars sold at auction: The most expensive ever!

Every now and then, a classic car will go to auction with a price tag so high that only the billionaire enthusiasts stand a real chance of ever owning it. Let’s take a look at the 10 most expensive classic cars ever to be sold at auction. In reverse order...

News: The most amazing classic cars

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. So, trying to come up with a list of the most amazing classic cars is fraught with subjectivity. But we think you’re sure to agree with at least a couple of the cars we’ve selected on this list.


You never forget the cars seen on television during your formative years, and so here are ten examples of fine machinery in now-forgotten series. Fans of The Danedyke Mystery, Touch and Go, Accident, King Cinder, Potter’s Picture Palace or The Freewheelers will have to wait for anther blog…

News: Ten Great Sit-Com Cars

The passing of Bill Maynard on the 30th March has made me think of both a certain Rover P6B that was in some need of restoration – and of the many and various cars that made in an impact of so many viewers. Sometimes they were associated with the run of the series, sometimes they make, but one appearance but the memories abide after many decades…

News: It’s Not A DAF! – Graeme Aiken’s Volvo 66GL

Graeme Aiken is not only the proud owner of one of Britain’s rarest cars, he also delights in the confusion it often causes. ‘My best overheard conversation was in Sainsbury's car park: Wife: What's that little yellow car dear? Husband: It's a DAF love, rubber band gearbox. Wife: But is says Volvo on the back... Husband sighs No Dear, it's a DAF...’

News: Lancaster Insurance embraces ‘Built to Last’ theme by opening ‘Lancaster Cars’ at the NEC!

Lancaster Insurance, headline sponsor of the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, will be highlighting the evolution of old to new and welcoming show attendees to visit ‘Lancaster Cars’ on their stand in Hall One!

News: Top Five Vanishing Family Cars

"There comes a moment in the life-cycle of many previously popular cars when they almost vanish overnight and looking at the ‘How Many Left’ website is almost as depressing as watching Take the High Road. Then you start to think when you last saw a Rover 600, a Vauxhall Cavalier Mk.2 or a Citroen BX?" - Written by Andy Roberts

News: Top Five High-Performance Police Cars

This is far from an exclusive list of the high-performance vehicles that police forces used for traffic cars, undercover pursuits or as a high-profile deterrent to would-be Nigel Mansells.