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News: 20 iconic cars from history

Classic cars become iconic for several reasons. They can symbolise bygone eras or represent strides forward for the car industry of their day. Meanwhile, they can achieve fame for their performances on the big screen or the world’s toughest racetracks.

News: The best cars with straight-six engines

The Jaguar E-Type, the BMW M5, the 'James Bond' Aston Martin DB5 and that gullwing-door Mercedes – some iconic cars, down the decades, have sported straight-six engines.

News: Our favourite dad cars from the 70s and 80s

If you’re ever nostalgic for the cars of your youth, you’re not alone. As a child, your dad’s car seemed enormous and all-powerful and some of the smells and textures stay with you forever.

News: 10 cars that epitomise French style

Here are 10 cars that, for us, illustrate the French way of doing things. You can find more brilliant French cars in our list of the 30 best French classic cars.

News: Congratulations to this year’s Lancaster Insurance Pride of Ownership winner!

Another main event at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show this year was the Lancaster Pride of Ownership stand, showcasing the best classic cars in competition and celebrating the rarest and most cherished vehicles.

News: Our favourite Reliant cars

The 20th Century in the UK was full of motoring success stories and many have endured to today (think Rolls Royce, which started in 1904 and Vauxhall from 1903. However, for every 20th Century brand that is still active, there are about a hundred who are now defunct.

News: Classic cars made in Coventry

To celebrate Coventry's year as UK City of Culture 2021, we decided to look into the city's illustrious motor manufacturing history.

News: Best classic company cars

It’s funny how the passage of time changes our view of certain vehicles. Executive models might have seemed worthy but dull back in their day – but a few decades on, many have attained classic status.


Or four seats, and the ability to take advantage of any moments of the August weather: Citroën Visa Décapotable - Citroën sold just 2,633 examples of the Décapotable, one reason being Heuliez’s bodywork inflated the price far beyond a standard 11RE.

News: What are kei cars?

Out of difficult circumstances can come brilliant things – and few things illustrate that better than the Japanese kei car.


The year is 1981, and you are visiting the London Motor Fair. Older readers will recall how the NEC Motor Show was staged every two years, leaving scope for the Motor Trade Association to produce its own event at Earls Court.

News: The best fibreglass cars

Since its debut in the 1953, first-generation Chevrolet Corvette, fibreglass has played a small but significant role in the history of car production.