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‘I’ve always liked the ‘30s and ‘40s look of British cars - the sound, the leather, the body lines - but had only owned ‘70s Triumph Dolomites! Approaching retirement from Sussex Police, I started to look for the next Classic’.

News: Do you Remember the Triumph Renown?

We never learned if the Miss Marples of the Margaret Rutherford series of films for MGM-British owned a motor-car – but if she did, it was likely to have been a well-polished Triumph Renown Limousine.


‘I always get the “nice Dolomite mate” - I can’t help but put them right by telling them it’s a Toledo’. Andrew Jones Turton‘s 1973 example is now an unusual sight, but in their heyday, they were the Triumph that you were most likely to encounter outside of the Co-op.

Triumph Sports Six Club

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50 years ago, yesterday (14th January), Triumph officially unveiled its latest sports car at the Brussels Motor Show – the TR6.

News: Meet The Owner - The Pringle Family Triumph 1500

‘For most people, it brings them back to when they were learning to drive’ is just one response to the 1972 Triumph owned by Andrew Pringle’s father John.

News: Meet The Owner - Nick Price and His Triumph Herald 948 Convertible

Sixty years ago a new small car was unveiled to the motoring press, and various dealers in a musical gala staged at the Albert Hall. Your host was Mr. Bob Monkhouse, and the star of the show was, of course, the Triumph Herald.

News: An Arresting Triumph - Southend-on-Sea Police's TR4

The summer of 1962 and you are cruising down the A127 towards Southend-on-Sea in your new Sunbeam Alpine Series II. The hood is down, the sun is shining, and you are wearing a particularly tasteful cravat. In short, you have not a care in the world until you hear the unmistakable sound of a police car bell – only the vehicle seen in the rear view mirror is not an Austin Westminster but a Triumph TR4…

News: 50 Years of the Triumph 2000/2500 MK.II

In the early 1970s, the sort of person who owned a new Triumph 2000 or 2.5 PI Mk. II was an instantly familiar type. They would dress fashionably but not outrageously – think Terry Scott as opposed to Jason King – and they would regard Watney’s Red Barrell as an abomination and Hai Karate aftershave as totally naff.

News: Car of the month: Jake Clappison's Triumph Spitfire 1500

‘There’s a lot of pointing, and saying wow!’, for a car such as Jake Clappison’s 1979 Triumph Spitfire 1500 is always going to cause a minor sensation when it is out and about. Firstly, there is that Inca Yellow paint finish, secondly it is in stunning condition and thirdly, the Spitfire must be one of the most handsome British sports cars ever made.