Classic Hymers Group

Hymer have been producing some of the best motorhomes on the market since the start of their construction back in 1961. The Classic Hymers Group are enthusiasts who share a love and passion for the older style Hymer motorhome.

Everyone who shares this interest is welcome to join their Facebook Group, no matter which Hymer you currently own, if any, as potential owners are welcomed as well as current owners. The Classic Hymers Group has a great wealth of knowledge to help others make that all important purchase decision (we all had to start somewhere!). 

Within the group you can share your pictures, ask questions, upload files and information and swap your experiences with everyone. 

The group now has a large database of information which covers Mercedes, Bedford, Ford, Talbot, Fiat Ducato, Peugeot and Citroen platforms as well as hints and tips from experienced Hymerholics.

Selling your Hymer or Hymer related products is not permitted on the Classic Hymers Group Facebook page.