Classic Nissan insurance

Classic Nissan insurance


Got a classic Nissan you need to protect? Get a specialist policy from Lancaster Insurance Services to look after your pride and joy.

Perhaps you spend your weekends cruising in your Nissan Skyline? Or maybe you're often found in the garage modifying your Nissan Figaro? Whichever classic model you call your prized possession, we know you want to protect it, and that's where specialist cover comes in.

The team at Lancaster Insurance Services are passionate about vintage vehicles – that's why we have over 35 years’ experience protecting these treasured motors.

We understand how much time and effort you've put into making your Nissan the motor of your dreams, so we make it our top priority to scan our trusted panel of insurers to tailor a policy to suit you and your beloved vehicle.

Classic car insurance benefits at a glance

Whether you want to protect your Terrano or are looking for Nissan Skyline insurance, your policy can include:

  • Up to 90 days free EU cover
  • Discounts for classic club members
  • Limited mileage reductions
  • (Costs an additional £18 and is an optional extra of the standard cover within our policy)
  • Salvage retention
  • Laid up protection
  • 24-hour claim helpline access
  • UK-based call centre
  • Choice of repairer
  • Historic rally and static show cover

To protect your classic ride today, call Lancaster Insurance Services on 01480 484826 for a competitive quote.

Do I need classic insurance for a Nissan?

To drive any car legally on UK roads, you need to be insured, but what's the difference between regular coverage and a classic policy?

Well, your vintage Figaro is no ordinary motor – it's a big investment, and one you've spent your time on making a dream machine, so it deserves only the best protection from specialist insurers like us.

At Lancaster Insurance Services, we understand that no two classic cars are the same, which is why we customise each plan individually to fit each Nissan and their owner.

For a tailored policy to suit your circumstances, contact our helpful team of experts by calling 01480 484826, requesting a call back or by filling out our online form.

Discover the benefits of insuring with us

With over three decades of experience in classic car insurance, we're the specialists you need to protect your vintage Nissan. Figaro, Bluebird and Skyline owners alike choose to insure their vehicles with us to enjoy a range of benefits.

Free EU cover

Hoping to leave the UK and set off on a European tour? We'll protect your ride for 90 days at no extra cost. Need more time? Get in touch with our helpful specialists to arrange up to an extra 60 days cover.

Your choice of repairer

When it comes to classic cars, most owners have a preferred repairer they trust with their pride and joy, and that's no problem. Choose us to protect your Skyline and you pick the repairer.

Limited mileage discounts

Do you only use your Skyline at the weekend? Keep your mileage down, and you could enjoy reductions on your premiums.

Offers for club members

Are you a member of a special club like the Figaro owners club? We offer special prices on our specialist schemes to all club members who protect their motor with us.

24-hour helpline

It doesn't matter whether you need help day or night, our team is ready to guide you through the claims process.

Laid up/SORN cover

Whether you're putting your motor away for the winter or looking to modify it over the next few months, our laid up protection will look after it while it's off the road.

Tailored policies to fit every owner

No customer or car is the same, which is why our premium plans come with a variety of

  • Breakdown protection in the UK and the EU: However much love and care you provide your vintage Skyline, it can still break down now and again. Add this extra, and we'll help you get back on the road wherever you are.
  • Key cover: Whether you lose your keys, or they get stolen, we'll pay the price of getting a new set.
  • Legal protection: Got into an accident and need legal help? We'll protect you against those hefty legal costs.
  • Gadget security: Whether you carry your phone or laptop with you or have a state-of-the-art GPS system installed, we've got you covered.

As an optional extra to your cover, you could also consider:

  • Agreed value: Agree your vehicle's worth with our valuation expert and get like for like cover to buy a replacement in the event of a total loss claim.

Lancaster is the insurance broker of choice for classic car owners providing cover for over 88,000 classic cars (as of May 2019).

We arrange classic car insurance for over 40% of all MG Bs on the road and over 30% of all Land Rover 88s and MG Midgets – proving that classic car owners place their trust in us.

At Lancaster Classic Car Insurance, we aim to find the best price for your individual cover needs. We appreciate the importance of recognising the true value of your classic car and our team will be happy to talk to you through our benefits, such as agreed valuations and salvage retention.

We will offer you a tailored policy, bespoke to your requirements – this can include cover for:

Lancaster Insurance is committed to supporting the classic car clubs.

Owners club members may enjoy discounts of up to 25% off their insurance premium (the level of discount offered by each insurer differs and is subject to underwriting criteria).

Some of the classic car clubswe currently partner with include MG Owners ClubMX5 Owners ClubVW Golf MK1 Owners Club, VW T25 Club and many more.

If your club isn’t on our Classic Car Club page or wish to partner with Lancaster Insurance please call 01480 220065 or visit our Classic Car Club page for more details.

At Lancaster we understand that not every situation is the same, especially when it comes to Classic Cars.

That is why in addition to our Lancaster Classic Car insurance, we also can arrange the below:

  • Modified Classic Car Insurance
  • Multi-vehicle Insurance
  • Wedding Car Insurance
  • Limited Mileage Insurance
  • Laid Up Cover
  • Two Year Agreed Valuation

If you would like to know more details regarding the above offers, please call us on please call us on 01480 484826 or click here and we’ll call you back at a time that’s best for you.

Are you passionate about Classic Cars?

Here at Lancaster, we not only provide Classic Car Insurance but we’re constantly looking for ways to support the Classic Car community at events, sponsorship's, giveaways and sharing care tips for classic vehicles.

We’ve partnered with the team at Meguiar’s to showcase one of their awesome products each month.

This time we’re featuring the Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam contains a specialized Xtreme Cling foaming action that delivers an intense foam that sticks and clings to painted surfaces gently loosening road grime, dirt and contaminants.

Fine-tuned to carefully and thoroughly clean coated, waxed or sealed finishes while preserving protection and leaving a brilliant, swirl-free shine.

We will listen to your requirements for cover, and discuss the best options with our panel of expert underwriters, to see if we can cover your cherished vehicle.

Call our specialist team on 01480 484826 or we’ll call you back at a time that’s best for you and let Lancaster Insurance help you.

In May 2018 the Department for Transport announced that cars that were built more than 40 years ago exempt from MOT testing, with the option for owners to voluntarily have their car tested if they feel it needs checking.

Who are Nissan?

The company was founded in July 1911 but was then known as Kaishinsha Motor Car Works by Masujiro Hashioto. It was the first automobile manufacturer in Japan and the first model was the DAT, made in 1914.

In 1928, Nihon Sangyo was founded, which became abbreviated to Nissan in the 1930s.

By 1967, the company had introduced its Nissan L engine, which gained it the recognition it needed to expand globally.

Since then, Nissan has become one of the biggest names in grey imports in the UK and the producer of some favourites, both vintage and modern, including the Figaro, Skyline and Terrano. And as one of the biggest electric car manufacturers in the world, Nissan's excellent reputation only looks set to continue.

How much is classic insurance?

No two classic cars or their owners are the same, so we use a variety of factors to come up with a competitive quote for each individual, including:

  • How old you are
  • Where you live
  • Where you'll store your car when not driving it
  • Where you work
  • Your annual mileage
  • Your past claims and convictions
  • How much voluntary excess you agree to
  • Any modifications you've made

For a competitive quote based on your vintage model and preferences, get in touch with our team today.

Is insurance higher on classic cars?

Your Nissan Figaro premium will usually cost less than your regular car policy. Why?

As the proud driver of such a treasured motor, you're more likely to:

  • Keep it somewhere secure
  • Take better care of it
  • Drive it less often

When insurers come up with a quote, they consider all these factors, which lower your overall risk rating. So, is insuring a classic car cheaper? Yes, it usually is.

How old does a car have to be to be a classic for insurance?

With HMRC, your car becomes a classic as soon as it turns 15 and is valued at a minimum of £15,000. When it comes to tax, it needs to reach the ripe old age of 40 before being classed as vintage.

Don't worry, though – that doesn't mean you can't get your Nissan Skyline insured if it's younger when used as a classic should be.

At Lancaster Insurance Services, we understand the true value of all vintage vehicles, and that includes modern classics, too. So, whether you own an original Terrano or one of its successors, our helpful team will be delighted to discuss protection for your car.

How often should I service my vintage car?

The older your pride and joy becomes, the more often you should get it serviced, even if your annual mileage is very low. A good rule of thumb is to take it for a service every 3,000 miles, making sure you check under the bonnet, fluid levels and for other wear and tear in between visits.

Why choose Lancaster Insurance Services?

The team at Lancaster Insurance Services is just as passionate as you about your pride and joy, and we believe these treasured motors deserve to be protected now and into the future.

We have over 35 years of experience as classic car insurance providers and understand that no two vintage cars and their owner are the same.

That's why we take the time to find out exactly what you need from your insurer and tailor a policy to fit your vehicle and preferences, which covers:

  • Salvage retention
  • Club member discounts
  • Two-year agreed value (Costs an additional £18 and is an optional extra of the standard cover within our policy)
  • Your choice of repairer
  • Free EU protection (up to 90 days)
  • Historic rally protection
  • Static show insurance
  • Laid up cover
  • 24-hour claims hotline

Want to see what other customers have to say about us as an insurer? Take a look at our 5-star Trustpilot reviews.

For premium protection and professional service tailored to your needs, contact Lancaster Insurance Services today. Call us on 01480 484826, ask us to call you back or complete our online form and we'll give you a quote in minutes.

Do you cover other classic vehicles?

Our services don't stop at providing Nissan Skyline insurance – we protect a range of transport from a variety of companies, including;

Need to protect another classic? Contact our team of experts today to arrange tailored coverage or click on the related links to find out more.

Can you insure my modified motor?

Yes, of course! Making modifications to your prized possession can increase your premiums, which is why it's essential to protect your motor with specialist companies to get the best deal.

We understand that you want more than just value for money – you want premium protection for your treasured Stanza. We offer custom-made policies when you modify your motor, so speak to us before you make any changes, and we'll tell you how it could affect your current plan.

Can I add another driver to my policy?

If you are the named driver but would like to add another person to your plan, contact our team to see how it will affect your premiums.

How can I get a quote?

Getting a competitive quote for your Nissan Figaro is straight forward with Lancaster Insurance Services. Get in touch today:

  • Call our helpful team on 01480 484826
  • Request a call back at a time when it suits you
  • Fill out your details online

To come up with the right fit at the right price, we'll need some information from you first:

  • Full name
  • Date of birth
  • Address
  • Contact details (phone number and email)
  • Driver licence information and history
  • Employment information
  • Vehicle's registration and current mileage
  • Information on modifications you've made
  • Projected annual mileage
  • Add-ons/Optional extras you wish to add

Once we have everything we need, our team will get to work scanning our trusted panel of insurers to find the best plan for you.

Which classic Nissan models do you insure?

Looking for Nissan Skyline insurance? Maybe you need to protect your Cherry. Don't worry – we offer security for a host of vintage models, including:

  • Figaro
  • Stanza
  • Skyline
  • President
  • Primera
  • Terrano
  • Bluebird
  • Cherry

Can't find yours on the list? Call our team of specialists to discuss protection for your pride and joy.

How can I make a claim?

Filing a case with Lancaster Insurance Services is easy. Simply call our claims hotline on 01480 484806 and our helpful team will guide you through the entire process.

We'll need your unique crime number in the event of theft or will send our surveyor out to assess any damage and see if you're eligible to use the service.

Cover your prized possession with the experts today

Your vintage motor is a big investment and deserves only the best protection.

With over 3 decades of experience covering the classics, we're the specialists you need to come up with the right plan to fit you and your Nissan.

To protect your Skyline, Figaro or other classic Nissan, get a quote from Lancaster Insurance Services today.