Ford Escort Insurance

Ford Escort Insurance


You're a proud owner of a classic Ford Escort MK1 or MK2. But do you know that your regular car insurance may not offer suitable cover? It's time you explored specific classic Ford insurance for your vintage beauty.

Understanding the importance of specific insurance for Ford Escort MK1 & MK2

You're about to discover the importance of getting specific classic Ford insurance for your Ford Escort MK1 & MK2. This isn't just about meeting legal requirements. It's about safeguarding an investment, your prized possession. Classic cars like these aren't ordinary vehicles; they're pieces of art, driving history, and nostalgia. They deserve special attention, and that may also include car insurance.

Standard car insurance may not do the trick. They can undervalue these classics, if they don’t understand the true value of your classic car. That's where specific classic car insurance comes in. It takes into account the real value of your Ford Escort MK1 & MK2, not just its age and mileage.

Imagine the unthinkable happens: an accident, a fire, or even theft. With regular car insurance, you could be left short-changed, struggling to replace or repair your classic car. But with specific classic Ford insurance, you're covered for the full value of your vehicle. You can rest easy, knowing your beloved Ford Escort is properly protected.

What does classic Ford Escort insurance cover?

Now that we have an understanding of why specialist Ford Escort insurance may be necessary, let's delve into what exactly a Ford Escort insurance policy covers.

Agreed value cover

One of the key features of classic Ford insurance is the optional extra of agreed value cover. Essentially, it provides a fixed payout in case your classic Ford is written off.

Agree the true value of your classic Ford Escort with our valuation team and we guarantee that amount back in a total loss claim, less your policy excess. 

Limited mileage discounts

Many classic insurance providers offer discounts for limited mileage. If you drive your classic car only occasionally, this can significantly lower your premium.

Salvage retention rights

In case your car is declared a total loss, salvage retention rights allow you to purchase the remaining salvage of your vehicle if it is deemed a total loss.

Free EU Cover

For those who love to take their classic Ford cars for a spin across the continent, there is free EU cover for up to 90 days that provides the same level of cover as in the UK.

Choice of repairer

Got a preferred car garage who works on your pride and joy? The insurer will consider you using the repairer.

Classic car club member discounts

Belong to a classic Ford Escort club? Speak to our team about member discounts.

24-hour claims helpline

Whether you need to file a claim day or night, our team based in the UK are always on call.

Additional add-ons and optional extras cover options

Beyond the standard features of a Ford Escort insurance policy, there are several additional add-ons and extras that you might want to consider.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover provides roadside assistance and vehicle recovery across the UK and Europe. 

Legal cover

Legal cover can provide support in case you need to pursue a third party for a claim or recover uninsured losses. We can help towards the cost of legal fees if a claim goes to court. 

Yes, the Ford Escort is indeed classified as a compact car. Originally introduced in the United States in 1981, the Ford Escort was designed to be an economical and fuel-efficient vehicle, fitting into the compact car segment.

It features a smaller overall size, less weight, and typically has a more efficient engine than larger vehicle types. Over the years, the Ford Escort has gained recognition for its affordability and reliability, making it a popular choice among compact classic car enthusiasts.

The Ford Escort is widely acknowledged for its reliability, often scoring high in consumer satisfaction surveys and automotive reviews. Its dependability is attributed to its robust engine design, high-quality build, and low maintenance requirements. While it may not offer the luxury or sportiness of other models, its longevity and reliability are indisputable.

The Ford Escort, first introduced in the late 1960s, has over time, earned its place as a classic car in the automotive world. This is primarily due to its innovative design, robust performance, and significant role in motorsport history. Its unique blend of affordability and reliability further bolstered its popularity among classic car enthusiasts.

The exact horsepower, however, can vary depending on the specific Ford model variant. On average, the Mk2 Ford Escort offers around 49-109 horsepower. This power output range is attributed to the different engine options available during its production years.

Yes, the Ford Escort Mk2 is indeed a rear-wheel drive vehicle. This feature contributed significantly to its popularity among car enthusiasts and rally drivers. The RWD layout not only enhances the vehicle's handling characteristics but also improves its performance on challenging terrains. This, combined with its powerful engine and lightweight design, made the Ford Escort Mk2 a highly sought-after model during its production years, and it continues to be a favourite in classic car circles today.

Factors influencing the cost of Ford Escort MK1 & MK2 car insurance

Several elements could impact the price of your classic car cover, including your vehicle's age, your driving record, and where you plan to store it. For instance, if your Ford Escort MK1 or MK2 is well-maintained and has fewer miles on the clock, you'll likely pay less for classic car insurance. Similarly, a clean driving record without any history of accidents or traffic violations could also reduce your premiums.

Your storage plans for your vintage car play a significant role too. Storing it in a secure, enclosed space could lower your insurance cost, while leaving it exposed to potential hazards might increase it.

However, these aren't the only factors that can influence your classic car insurance cost. Some other factors include:

  • Your car's value: The more valuable your car, the more it'll cost to insure. Make sure you've got an accurate appraisal of your car's worth.
  • How often you drive it: If you're only taking your classic Ford Escort out for occasional driving or car shows, you'll probably pay less than if you use it as a daily driver.
  • Your location: Where you live can affect your premiums. High crime or accident-prone areas could lead to higher insurance costs.

Tips to lower your Ford Escort MK1 & MK2 car insurance premiums

Lowering your classic car premiums might seem tricky, but with the right tips and strategies, you'll find it's easier than you think.

To start, it's essential to understand that Ford Escort insurance companies consider several factors when determining your premiums. Your age, driving record, the car's value, and where you store it are among them.

However, you're not without power in this situation. You can take certain steps to sway these factors in your favour. Here are a few tips:

  • Maintain a clean driving record: Insurance companies reward safe drivers. You'll qualify for lower premiums if you've had few or no accidents. So, keep your nose clean and your foot light on the pedal.
  • Secure your car: Enhancing your car's security reduces the risk of theft, which can lower your premiums. Consider installing an alarm system or storing your car in a secure location.
  • Limit your mileage: The less you drive your classic Ford Escort MK1 & MK2, the lower your insurance premiums will be. Try to use it only for special occasions.

. It is important to make sure you are truthful with your answers because failure to do so could result in your insurance be invalid or a claim being rejected.

Get a quote for Ford Escort insurance

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