The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show The 2019 Insurance Classic Motor Show
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Meet the Owner - Lee Jones and his Austin 1100 Panda Car

If you watch virtually any British police drama of the 1970s, you might have the idea that every vehicle that was not a Flying Squad Ford Consul GT was a Rover P6B or a Triumph 2.5 PI Mk. II. However, one vehicle that was equally associated with law enforcement was the BLMC ADO16 Panda Car.


Genevieve - A Celebration

As the London – Brighton Veteran Car Run 2019 takes place this Sunday - - we are proud to present (cue Tim Turner-style jolly voiceover), a tribute to one of Britain’s greatest films; Genevieve


The M1 at 60

Britain’s first motorway, the Preston By-pass, commenced operations on the 5th December 1958 but this new highway promised a brave new world, one where motorists would eventually be able to travel to and from London with no speed limits.


A Celebration of the Hillman Husky

We sometimes forget how slow-paced life in the recent past could be; telephone calls that took aeons for the local exchange to connect, television sets that took minutes to warm up and cars that appeared to take centuries to reach 60 mph. The Hillman Husky never had any pretensions to speed, but it provided reliable and honest transport for many years after the end of production.


The Mini from Spain – Simon Wheatcroft's Authi Cooper 1300

‘Most people think it is either an Innocenti or a British Mini with Innocenti bits – about one person per year recognises it as an Authi’. In 1965 the British Motor Corporation signed an agreement with Nueva Montaña Quijano S.A. to form Authi - Automoviles de Turismo Hispano Ingleses – and Simon Wheatcroft’s Cooper 1300 is one of over 140,000 Minis to leave the Pamplona factory.


The BMW Neue Klasse – A Celebration

When Autocar evaluated the BMW 1800 Ti their conclusion is best described as ‘uber-1965’; "For the sporting driver who is denied a two-seater for family reasons we would put this 1800TI high on the list. Yet this car would appeal as much to the young (but rich) bachelor who enjoys his driving, knows how to handle a fast machine and most of all appreciates quality engineering."


The most amazing classic cars

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, as they say. So, trying to come up with a list of the most amazing classic cars is fraught with subjectivity. But we think you’re sure to agree with at least a couple of the cars we’ve selected on this list.


First Ten Classics Revealed in the Lancaster Insurance Pride of Ownership Autumn Final

The first ten classics to secure a place in the autumn final of the Lancaster Insurance Pride of Ownership will showcase the widely varied tastes of motoring. Always such a diverse display at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show, with Discovery, the autumn final is no exception and includes the first ever Ferrari in the line-up.


40 Years of the Ford Escort Harrier

Towards the end of the Escort Mk. II’s run, Ford introduced a spate of limited-edition versions. There was the Linnet, the Goldcrest and the Huntsman Estate; the last-named much appealed to my younger self with its list of extras that included ‘Halogen Driving Lights’ and ‘Tailgate Wash/Wipe’.


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