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Please read the frequently asked questions below if you have any questions regarding your policy.

If you have any questions which you cannot find the answer to, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The most efficient way of submitting your mileage declaration to us is to click here and complete the online form. Alternatively, you may complete and return the mileage declaration form we sent to you with your policy documents, either by e-mail or in the post.

The quickest way to submit your No Claims bonus proof or request that we verbally confirm this with your previous insurer is by clicking here and filling out the online form.

If you have recently cancelled your policy or received a renewal notice, your entitlement will be displayed on either the renewal invitation or on a letter attached to your cancellation letter.  Alternatively, you can click here and complete the online form. We will be unable to issue any Proof of Bonus until your existing policy has expired.

If you are a client who receives correspondence via e-mail or through the document portal, you should receive an email when all outstanding documents have been processed & are deemed acceptable. If you have opted to receive your documents via post, we will send a letter by this method as soon as all documents outstanding have been received which should arrive within 7 working days.

We may be able to perform various amendments to your policy, for example changing the vehicle on cover, updating your address, or adding additional drivers. Please note that many of our policies are specialist policies that will only cover similar risks to that which you have insured. For example, many of our Classic policies will only cater for a like-for-like vehicle, such as another type of classic. If we are unable to amend your existing policy, we will look at all other options available to you, including the option to cancel and replace with a new insurer, who will accommodate your needs.

Your Insurer will view each risk on a case-by-case basis and this will be reflected in any additional/return premiums offered. All mid-term changes will incur an Administration fee of up to £35.00. Some Insurers may charge an additional administration fee (in addition to our own fee) for making a change to your policy. Please check your policy details for more information.

Sometimes an insurer may need to take extra steps to validate the data you have given us. These steps are taken to help combat fraudulent activity within the insurance industry. Click here to view what is acceptable & upload your documents.

If your vehicle is not being kept at the address you declared, we need to ensure your insurer is fully aware of its parking arrangements. We will need the following details: Full address including postcode. How far is it from your home address? How often will the vehicle be checked? Will it ever go to the home address? if yes, where will it be parked?  Who has access to the vehicle & what security is on the premises? Please note that if your vehicle is being kept in a professional storage facility we will need to know if there is any insurance cover in place for your vehicle provided by them & how many other vehicles are kept there. Please contact our Customer Service Team, details of how to contact us can be found by clicking here.

Policies arranged by Lancaster Insurance Services vary, depending on the scheme and cover selected.

To check whether the 'Driving Other Cars' benefit is included with your policy you will need to check your Certificate of Motor Insurance.

If your Certificate does not specify that you are able to drive another car, that would suggest that the benefit is not included.

This benefit cannot be added to your policy, it is either included or it is not. If you already have the benefit on another insurance policy, you may not need it on this one. Please review your other policy for details on the cover provided.

If unsure, please contact our Customer Service Team, details of how to contact us can be found by clicking here.

Insurers vary in what charges they apply when cancelling a policy: We have those that offer 'short-period' where a percentage of the premium is retained based on the number of months cover you have had, and policies calculated on a 'pro-rata' (daily) basis. The cancellation terms offered can be viewed in your policy booklet or Insurance Product Information Document (IPID), which is part of your document pack. Please note that any insurer charges will be in addition to our policy Arrangement & Cancellation fees that we apply (details of which can be found in your Terms of Business Agreement) and any non-refundable items purchased.

You can email us at, or click here for how to contact us.

All cancellations are subject to a cancellation fee of up to £50.00, regardless of how/why/by whom the policy is cancelled. You will not pay more than the original policy cost, however.

If your policy is still active, please contact our customer service team on 01480 484806 or email us If your policy has been cancelled, please contact our Credit Control team on 01384 429897. If you are experiencing financial difficulties, we will endeavour to assist you as much as we can.

We will endeavour to ensure that the Motor Insurance Database is updated within 14 days of your policy being incepted. You can check this by going online to Please ensure that the Registration Number is correct when you receive your documents as this can delay the process if it needs to be amended.

Your documents will be on our online portal, unless your requested the by post or email. Please visit our document portal to get your documents.

If you have requested to receive your documents via email, then you should receive them within 48hrs. If you have requested to receive your documents in the post, then you should receive them within 7 days. You can click here to request duplicates be issued.

If you have had a cheaper price elsewhere or are thinking of leaving us, please call our Renewals Team on 01480 484856, or email us Alternatively, you may wish to arrange for us to call you back If you are paying by Direct Debit, you will need to let us know prior to the renewal date of your policy if you wish to lapse the policy. If we do not hear from you, the policy will renew automatically if you have opted in for this service.

If you have opted to pay by instalments, your finance will be offered by Close Brothers Limited trading as Close Brothers Premium Finance. You should receive a Welcome Pack no later than 7 days after the start date of your policy, either by email or post (depending on your preference), which will give detailed instructions of anything they require to complete your credit agreement. If you haven’t received your Welcome Pack by email or post within this timescale, please contact them directly on 03333 218567.

Interest rates can change over time, please refer to your Close Brothers finance agreement for exact details.

If you fail to pay an instalment on time, you will be charged a default fee of £25.00 which will be collected with the missed payment. If Close Brothers are unable to collect a payment, they may cancel your agreement. You could incur a cancellation fee of £15.00 and you will be liable for all sums owing and any other charges.

An Agreed Valuation is a specialist benefit for classic/treasured vehicles which allows you to guarantee the value of the vehicle so, in the unfortunate event of a claim, you will get back a guaranteed price as opposed to market value minus your policy excess. This is only available on certain schemes and the cost is £18.00. If purchased & completed, you will receive a Certificate to confirm the value for your records. If you wish to add this, please call us on 01480 484806.

If you are receiving error messages when completing the online portal application, or your session has timed out, you will need a new Agreed Valuation Portal link. Please click here to complete a short form and we will provide you with a new link.

We offer a range of additional benefits; Legal Cover, Breakdown Cover, Salvage Retention and the Agreed Valued Service are all available. Please speak to one of our advisers or click here for more details.

From phone to email to post, there are numerous ways to get in touch. Please click here for a full list of ways to contact us.

No, Lancaster Insurance Services is an insurance intermediary - a trading name of Insurance Factory Ltd.  What this means is that we act like a broker for a panel of insurers, but we have delegated authority to issue documents & act on their behalf to administer and adjust policies. Please refer to our Terms of Business Agreement for more details.