Triumph Spitfire Insurance

Triumph Spitfire Insurance

Understanding the importance of adequate Triumph Spitfire car insurance

Owning a classic car like the Triumph Spitfire is not just about the thrill of driving a piece of automotive history, it's also about the nostalgia and prestige that comes with it. However, along with the pleasure of owning such a magnificent machine comes great responsibility, particularly when it comes to classic car insurance.

The Triumph Spitfire is a collector's dream. With its sleek design and impressive performance, it's no wonder that classic Triumph owners are passionate about maintaining their classic car in top condition. But what happens if your pride and joy encounters an accident or suffers damage? This is where the importance of Triumph Spitfire classic car insurance comes into play.

A comprehensive insurance policy can provide coverage for a wide range of scenarios including accidents, theft, fire, and even damage from natural disasters. Without adequate insurance, you could find yourself facing hefty costs for repairs or even replacement of your classic Triumph. Some classic car insurance policies offer optional extras such as ability to receive agreed value of the vehicle without any depreciation factored in.

Classic Triumph insurance can also provide coverage for legal fees if your vehicle is involved in an accident that causes injury or property damage to others. Classic Triumph insurance policies not only protect your treasured classic vehicle but also safeguards you against financial loss.

Types of classic Triumph insurance coverage

When it comes to Triumph insurance, you've got a different options to become insured.

Here's a quick breakdown to help you get started:

Type of Coverage

What's covered


Third party, fire and theft


Damage you cause to other vehicles, fire and/or theft claims.




Damage you cause to others, damage to your car from an incident, also including theft and fire claims.

Tips for saving money on your classic car insurance

Consider taking advantage of agreed value policies. These policies set a value for your car when you buy the policy, which can save you from depreciation losses if your car is totalled. Agreed value policies are optional extras and are not standard within Lancaster Insurance policies.

Reducing your mileage and maintaining your car's condition may allow for offers of lower premiums. Insurers are likely to offer lower premiums for well-maintained cars since they're less likely to breakdown or have accidents

Choosing the right Triumph insurance

Agreed value

One of the features you should consider is the agreed value cover. This ensures that in case of a total loss, you are compensated based on the agreed value of your classic Triumphs, not the market value.

Limited mileage discounts

Many classic insurance providers offer discounts for limited mileage. If you drive your classic car only occasionally, this can significantly lower your premium.

Free EU Cover

For those who love to take their classic Triumph cars for a spin across the continent, there is free EU cover for up to 90 days that provides the same level of cover as in the UK.

Choice of repairer

Got a preferred car garage who works on your pride and joy? The insurer will consider you using the repairer.

Classic car club member discounts

Belong to a classic Triumph car club? Speak to our team about member discounts.

How to get a Triumph insurance quote

Online quotes

Acquiring a quote for your Triumph insurance is easier than ever. You can get a quote through our website.

Phone consultation

For those who prefer a more direct approach, you can also talk to one of our classic Triumph insurance agents. Just give us a call on 01480 484 826 to receive more information.

24-hour claims helpline

Whether you need to file a claim day or night, our team based in the UK are always on call.

Additional add-ons and optional extras cover options

Beyond the standard features of a classic Triumph insurance policy, there are several additional add-ons and extras that you might want to consider.

Breakdown cover

Breakdown cover provides roadside assistance and vehicle recovery across the UK and Europe.

Legal cover

Legal cover can provide support in case you need to pursue a third party for a claim or recover uninsured losses. We can help towards the cost of legal fees if a claim goes to court.


It is an essential safeguard for your vintage treasure against unforeseen damages. Classic car insurance offers coverage to the unique needs of classic vehicles and investing in such insurance ensures that your classic car's value is fully protected.

Insurance checklist:

Before you sign up for classic car insurance, ensure the following:

  • You have a clear understanding of the coverage
  • You have considered the costs of insuring a classic car
  • You have read and understood the terms and conditions of a classic cars policy

This British two-seater sports car, first introduced in the 1960s, has become a symbol of vintage elegance and performance. With its distinctive design, featuring sleek lines and a low, sporty profile, the Spitfire is a head-turner on any road.

Its performance and handling, while not matching today's standards, offer a raw and engaging driving experience that modern cars often lack.

Renowned for its prowess in the motoring industry, is also credited for its impressive lineup of classic cars. The company's foray into the production of classic cars has given us some truly unforgettable Triumph sports models.

One of the most iconic models is the Triumph Spitfire. Released in 1962, this two-seater sports car was a symbol of elegance and speed. The Triumph Stag, a luxury sports tourer that was in production from 1970 to 1977, is another noteworthy model. It's recognised for its innovative hardtop design and robust V8 engine.

Breakdown cover policy benefits of our UK cover can include:

  • Nationwide recovery in the UK if your vehicle cannot be repaired at roadside
  • Transportation of the vehicle, driver and up to six passengers from the point of breakdown to your destination or home
  • Misfuelling cover as standard
  • Home start - in addition to the cover mentioned above, you will be covered if your motor doesn't start whilst at home

Find more information on our breakdown page.

Triumph Motor Company is a British car manufacturing company that left an indelible mark on the automobile industry. Established in 1885, the company initially started as a bicycle manufacturing company before moving onto motorcycles and then cars.

Triumph vehicles became synonymous with British luxury and style, serving as a status symbol. From the classic Triumph Herald to the sporty TR series, their vehicles have always been known for their distinctive design and superior performance.

Many classic insurance providers offer discounts for limited mileage. If you drive your car only occasionally, you will be doing fewer miles therefore this can significantly lower your premium.

Lancaster is the insurance broker of choice for classic car owners providing cover for over 88,000 classic cars (as of May 2019).

We arrange classic car insurance for over 40% of all MG Bs on the road and over 30% of all Land Rover 88s and MG Midgets – proving that classic car owners place their trust in us.

At Lancaster Classic Car Insurance, we aim to find the best price for your individual cover needs. We appreciate the importance of recognising the true value of your classic car and our team will be happy to talk to you through our benefits, such as agreed valuations and salvage retention.

We will offer you a tailored policy, bespoke to your requirements – this can include cover for:

Lancaster Insurance is committed to supporting the classic car clubs.

Owners club members may enjoy discounts of up to 25% off their insurance premium (the level of discount offered by each insurer differs and is subject to underwriting criteria).

Some of the classic car clubswe currently partner with include MG Owners ClubMX5 Owners ClubVW Golf MK1 Owners Club, VW T25 Club and many more.

If your club isn’t on our Classic Car Club page or wish to partner with Lancaster Insurance please call 01480 220065 or visit our Classic Car Club page for more details.

At Lancaster we understand that not every situation is the same, especially when it comes to Classic Cars.

That is why in addition to our Lancaster Classic Car insurance, we also can arrange the below:

  • Modified Classic Car Insurance
  • Multi-vehicle Insurance
  • Wedding Car Insurance
  • Limited Mileage Insurance
  • Laid Up Cover
  • Two Year Agreed Valuation

If you would like to know more details regarding the above offers, please call us on please call us on 01480 484826 or click here and we’ll call you back at a time that’s best for you.

Are you passionate about Classic Cars?

Here at Lancaster, we not only provide Classic Car Insurance but we’re constantly looking for ways to support the Classic Car community at events, sponsorship's, giveaways and sharing care tips for classic vehicles.

We’ve partnered with the team at Meguiar’s to showcase one of their awesome products each month.

This time we’re featuring the Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam contains a specialized Xtreme Cling foaming action that delivers an intense foam that sticks and clings to painted surfaces gently loosening road grime, dirt and contaminants.

Fine-tuned to carefully and thoroughly clean coated, waxed or sealed finishes while preserving protection and leaving a brilliant, swirl-free shine.

We will listen to your requirements for cover, and discuss the best options with our panel of expert underwriters, to see if we can cover your cherished vehicle.

Call our specialist team on 01480 484826 or we’ll call you back at a time that’s best for you and let Lancaster Insurance help you.

In May 2018 the Department for Transport announced that cars that were built more than 40 years ago exempt from MOT testing, with the option for owners to voluntarily have their car tested if they feel it needs checking.

Just like any classic car, the Triumph Spitfire requires an insurance policy designed to meet its unique needs. With the amount of love, care, and attention poured into these Triumph vehicles, it's essential to ensure they're well protected. Therefore, Triumph insurance is not just a legal necessity, but an investment in preserving a piece of motoring history.

At Lancaster Insurance, we have been proudly arranging classic car insurance for over 35 years.

Specialising in arranging cover for your cherished vehicle, our tailored and comprehensive policies are designed to protect your investment.

Lancaster Insurance has access to some of the most competitive classic car, vintage car and classic vehicle insurance schemes in the UK.

We work with carefully selected underwriters to enable us to offer both comprehensive and bespoke insurance solutions, with our customers in mind.

Using our wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry, we are able to quote for virtually every classic car available.

To speak to a member of our specialist classic car customer service team call 01480 484826 or we’ll call you back at a time that’s best for you.

Available benefits at a glance

  • Car Club member discounts up to 25%
  • Static Show Cover
  • Historic Rally Cover
  • Choice of repairer
  • Salvage Retention
  • Free EU cover up to 90 days
  • Two Year Agreed Valuation
  • Laid Up Cover Available*
  • 24 Hour Claims Helpline
  • UK Based Call Centre
  • Limit Mileage Discounts

*(available for £18)

Why Choose Lancaster Classic Car Insurance?

  • Classic Car That’s Hard to Insure?
  • Classic Car MoT Exemptions
  • Classic Car Insurance Quote
  • Classic Car Insurance Discounts and Benefits:
    • Car Club member discounts up to 25%
    • Static Show Cover
    • Historic Rally Cover
    • Choice of repairer
    • Salvage Retention
    • Free EU cover up to 90 days
    • Two Year Agreed Valuation available for £18
    • Laid Up Cover Available
    • 24 Hour Claims Helpline
    • UK Based Call Centre
    • Limit Mileage Discounts