Test your classic car knowledge while learning interesting facts and statistics about 30 carefully selected classic cars with the Lancaster Insurance special edition Top Trumps!  

Including classics such as the Citroen 2CV6 which was designed to carry farmers across ploughed fields to the beautiful and rare Ferrari 250 GTO with a value of £40+ million.

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  • Meal for two.

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When you buy a pack of Top Trumps, you will find an exclusive discount code inside your pack,  offering you £25 off your vehicle insurance policy.

To redeem this offer, all you need to do is either of the following:

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The discount code is valid for a period of one year from 8th November 2019.

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How to play

Any number of people can play.

  1. Shuffle and deal the 30 classic car cards face down.
  2. Hold your cards face up so you can see the top card only.
  3. The player to the dealer's left starts.
  4. Read out a stat from the top card (e.g. BHP 110). The other players then read out the some stat.
  5. If you have the best value, you win that round. Take all the top cards, including your own, and put them at the bottom of your deck.
  6. It's your turn to choose a stat from the next card.
  7. If two or more cards share the best value, or data is not available, then all the cards are placed in the middle and you read out the same stat from your next card. The winner al this round takes the cards in the middle as well.
  8. The person with all the cards at the end wins the game!

If you need to finish a game quickly, you can play the "discard rule", which means any losing card is simply removed from the game. The last person left with cards in their hand, wins.  

Value category source: Octane Classic Car Price Guide 2019 based on car in excellent condition.

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