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  • Andrew Roberts |
  • 7th October, 2021

You rarely forget your first car, and mine was a 1964 Renault R8. However, that statement needs a certain amount of qualifying; a) it is the first car of which I have concrete memories, and b) back in 1973, it definitely belonged to my parents rather than me.


Meet the Owner - Bjarte Tunold and his Aston Martin DB5

  • Andrew Roberts |
  • 6th October, 2021

To celebrate the launch of the latest Bond film, No Time to Die, we look at the iconic Aston Martin DB5. On the 17 September 1964, the London premiere of the third Bond Film created cinema history, not least from the moment when Desmond Llewelyn’s Q orders 007 to ‘pay attention’.

P6 Rover Owners Club

Club of the Month - P6 Rover Owners Club

  • 6th October, 2021

The P6 Rover Owners Club (P6ROC) was established in 1982. It’s non-profit making and voluntarily run by Deborah Stanley and a team of dedicated enthusiasts ensuring the survival of all P6 models in the 2000, 2200 and 3500 ranges.


Classic & Sports Car Club Awards

  • 6th October, 2021

It is time to celebrate your car club heroes, as Classic & Sports Car’s Club Awards, in association with Lancaster Insurance, returns for 2021.


Camper Round the Coast Review

  • 6th October, 2021

The Lancaster Insurance and Practical Classics team undertook their epic Camper Round the Coast tour from 6-10 September.

Classic car auctions to visit this autumn

  • 6th October, 2021

Buying at auction can be an excellent way to get hold of a classic car and, in this article, we'll run through a few of the fine-looking classic car auctions coming up throughout autumn 2021

Alfa Romeo 4C

10 breath-taking Alfa Romeos

  • 6th October, 2021

Throughout their 111-year history, Italian carmakers Alfa Romeo have produced some astonishingly beautiful cars; some awesomely potent ones; and a select few that have managed to marry both elegance and power.

Morris Marina Owners Club – 50th anniversary charity run

  • 6th October, 2021

The Morris Marina Owners Club are continuing their celebrations of the 50th anniversary of the launch of the Morris Marina in 1971 and the belated 40th anniversary of the launch of the Morris Ital in 1980.

Classic and new fords

Ford road trip with Kelsey Media

  • 6th October, 2021

On Saturday 7 August our Own Brands Manager, Dave Bex and Paris Wakelen from our Car Club team joined Classics World’s Joe Miller for a road trip from Haynes International Motor Museum in Yeovil to Ford Fair 2021 at Silverstone.

Morris Minor


  • Andrew Roberts |
  • 5th October, 2021

As No Time To Die, Bond Film No. 25, is due for release at the end of the month, here is a short tribute to five, often overlooked, 007 vehicles...



  • Andrew Roberts |
  • 5th October, 2021

The year is 1971, and motorists reading The Illustrated London News learned some rather depressing news; “paralysed by strikes and other factories slowed down for lack of components.

Vauxhall Cavalier


  • Andrew Roberts |
  • 4th October, 2021

The year is 1981, and you are visiting the London Motor Fair. Older readers will recall how the NEC Motor Show was staged every two years, leaving scope for the Motor Trade Association to produce its own event at Earls Court.

Red Fregate

The Story of the Renault Frégate

  • Andrew Roberts |
  • 30th September, 2021

The Frégate is more likely seen in vintage brochures than on the road, but it was more than a footnote in Renault‘s history. Firstly, it was their first post-war large car, and secondly, its styling inspired the Dauphine.

How to buy a Rolls-Royce Silver Shadow

  • 29th September, 2021

Rolls-Royce started producing the Silver Shadow in four-door saloon form only, and it's easy to see why: this classic, simple, upright form suits the car's looks and branding so well.