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Alfa Montreal

30 sensational cars from the 1970s

  • 27th January, 2022

Wedgy, angular bodies; pop-up headlights; strange slats whose sole purpose seemed to be to look space-agey and cool – yes, the 1970s were a captivating era for car design. Here are 30 iconic 1970s motors which should all be protected with classic car insurance.

Trade Up Logo

An update on our ‘Great Classic Trade-up’ Challenge

  • 27th January, 2022

Here at LI Towers, we love a classic car project, and in 2022 we aim to buy and trade up in our Lancaster Insurance ‘Great Classic Trade-up Challenge’. We’re pitting our wits against the might of the fine people at Classics World, going head-to-head in the race to buy and sell a series of classy classics.

VW Camper Owner

Joy and tears as Lancaster Insurance raises £16,100 for Prostate Cancer UK

  • 27th January, 2022

Now, you may remember last year we restored a Classic VW Camper to auction off at the Lancaster Insurance Classic Motor Show at the NEC in November. The fabulous Yvette Goodge placed the winning bid helping us raise £ 16,100 for the Prostate Cancer UK charity.

Legal Cover

Legal cover. Is it worth adding to your policy?

  • 27th January, 2022

It’s bad enough being involved in an accident, but if your injured and it’s not your fault, you could be left facing massive bills not always covered by your normal motor policy.

Protecting your Car

Protecting your car and its future

  • 27th January, 2022

At Lancaster Insurance we know that your classic car is an important part of your family and making arrangements to ensure that it stays that way for generations to come, can be a challenge.

Lotus Car Club

Our Car Club of the Month: The Lotus Drivers Club

  • 27th January, 2022

This February we’re delighted to introduce the fabulous Lotus Drivers club. Just one look at the terrific website of the Lotus Drivers Club and the word that immediately jumps into your mind is STYLE. Capital letters very much intended.


Where to see starling murmurations in your campervan this winter

  • 25th January, 2022

Spring and summer might seem to be the obvious time to get out and about in your campervan, but it's good to remember that winter is also full of incredible wonders.



  • 24th January, 2022

May of 1972 saw the formation of one of the most famous names in performance cars. A few months earlier, BMW recruited Robert A. ‘Bob’ Lutz from Opel as their Executive Vice president of Global Sales and Marketing, who urged the company’s return to touring car coemption.

George Formbys Jaguar


  • Andrew Roberts |
  • 24th January, 2022

On the 28th and 29th January of next year Anglia Car Auctions are selling a rather special 1959 manual gearbox Jaguar 3.4 Mk. 1. Chassis number S976920DN was once the property of Britain’s highest-paid comedian; George Formby OBE.

Indoor Car Show

Best car shows to visit in 2022

  • 24th January, 2022

There’s a wealth of wonderful car shows scheduled for 2022 across the UK. These events make a wonderful day out for any car enthusiast: aside from the rows of beautiful vehicles, there's the chance to meet and chat with fellow enthusiasts and perhaps pick up that bit of essential advice or elusive part you've been hunting for.

Best classic Volvos

  • 19th January, 2022

Think 'Volvo' and, as likely as not, something very particular comes to mind – a boxy, sturdy estate car, quite possibly from the 1980s. Perhaps not the sexiest thing ever built, but definitely with its own chunky, bulletproof charm.



  • Andrew Roberts |
  • 14th January, 2022

“We just wanted to build it into a low-rider because of the inspiration of Snoop Dogg and Dr Dre vids. Thought it would be awesome to have a Datsun on hydraulics”. It has to be said that the gulf between Dr. Dre and the Laurel’s original UK image is not so much vast as one that spans aeons.

Quick guide to private number plates

  • 13th January, 2022

For some classic car owners, a personalised number plate represents the perfect finishing touch. Here's an introduction into the world of private number plates – what they are, how to get one, and how much you can expect to pay.