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Men and car


  • 9th January, 2024

Sixty years ago, a Morris Mini Cooper 1071S, registration 33 EJB, was among the 299 entrants of the Monte Carlo Rally. As for the favourites, Motor Sport observed:

Charity Heroes

Charity Heroes - Craig Cheetham on festive fundraising efforts

  • 8th January, 2024

There’s a good chance you’re reading this issue of PC during the festive season and, while the temptation may be to snuggle down in front of the fire with a mince pie and a glass of eggnog, there’s also plenty to be getting on with where your classics are concerned.


Land’s End to John O’ Groats Reliability Trial 2023 is toughest for 7 years!

  • 8th January, 2024

After 1500 miles over 5 legs, in 75 hours, the Land’s End to John O’ Groats Reliability Trial 2023 reached its end at a fine and sunny John O’ Groats, somewhat ironic after the dire conditions experienced during the event.

Courtney Ward

Announcing our December Bright Young Spark, Courtney Ward!

  • 5th January, 2024

My love for cars has definitely become my way of life. My grandfather was a brilliant mechanic, so naturally my dad followed suit with a passion for cars and detailing; I've grown up around it.

Ford Capri II

The Ford Capri II at Fifty by Andrew Roberts!

  • 5th January, 2024

When Ford unveiled the Capri II on the 25th of February 1974, they faced a vast challenge – how do you improve on the original Capri?

Austin Healey winner

Congratulations to Les, our Austin Healey winner!

  • 5th January, 2024

Last year we gave you the chance to WIN a beautifully restored Austin Healey. We had thousands of entries, and we can announce that the lucky winner was Les!

White car


  • 5th January, 2024

Quite simply, the Flavia was a crucial model in Lancia’s history - their first front-wheel-drive car. It is also hard to envisage how unusual a sight it would have been in the UK when it was new. Autocar described the Flavia as “a car for the connoisseur”, and Motor Sport regarded the Lancia not so much as a status symbol but as a:

White car

The SEAT 600 – The Car That Changed a Nation

  • 5th January, 2024

It is a scenario familiar to many of us. You are casually scanning the eBay listings, gazing at the cars you cannot afford, when one vehicle metaphorically leaps out of the screen.

Matchbox cars


  • 5th January, 2024

This blog is by way of a triple celebration. Lesney issued its first Matchbox die-cast model in 1953, its first buses and lorries in 1954, and for seven decades they have delighted motoring enthusiasts of all ages.

White car

The Car That Came In From The Cold – The Borgward P100

  • 4th January, 2024

For many years, this writer has regarded the Borgward P100 ‘Big Six’ as one of the most fascinating German cars of its generation. To find an ex-Guernsey RHD example being recently sold by Classic Car Auctions | 1961 B rgward P100 B g S x-F r Sale sorely tempted him, for the P100 belongs in a world of Cold War spies.

Brown car

Meet The Owner – Callum Cubbage and his Talbot-Matra Murena

  • 4th January, 2024

For many years, I thought my father’s gold Talbot-Matra Murena 1.6 was one of the most unusual cars he had ever owned. Certainly, no one else in our village had decided to invest in an LHD three-seater mid-engine coupe. So, imagine my delight in seeing Callum’s example. He remarks: “This car is totally original apart from the replacement engine.

Red car

Meet The Owner – Michael Drewry and his Austin Ambassador 2.0 HL

  • 4th January, 2024

Michael is the owner of one of the most misunderstood cars to hail from the British Leyland empire. To quell one myth immediately, the motoring press did not lambast the Austin Ambassador. Motor Sport was impressed by the trim’s quality and noted how the ride, handling, and steering had all been improved compared with its predecessor.

Classic car


  • 4th January, 2024

Marvel at the Hazelnut Metallic paintwork. Thrill to the Antique Gold side stripe and wheels, glass sunroof, front fog lamps and tinted windows. Then savour the decadence of the Chevron Tweed upholstery. In 1982, to spend £4,995 and upwards on a Vauxhall Astra EXP was to be a member of the suburban elite – i.e. the sort of person who had a Sony C7 video recorder in their living room.

Black police car

Wolseley Running Report

  • 4th January, 2024

Or what I have learned and experienced over the past twelve months. i) Panic. Yes, that was the emotion I felt on seeing smoke billow from the radiator grille and the boot last summer when the Wolseley was taking part in a show.